Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random Topics of Conversation That Occurred This Week

Day #26

I am writing this on the fly.

We are two performances in to Ellie's four-performance weekend of Annie.

So we are all kinds of crazy here right now.

And I don't have time to wax poetic about anything 
beyond the shallow end of the pool.

Consider this your warning.


Again I cleared my throat as if to speak this out loud.

1) Horse hot air balloons. I had a VERY VIVID dream of a hot air balloon with a horse attached to it instead of a basket. I was very upset by this

(watching it safely from the ground of course, I am terrified of heights 
and come on, the horse would not be a safe means of hot air ballooning).

It was NOT like this.

The horse just kinda hung there unhappy with a guy sitting on him seeming to have a way better time.

Every now and then the horse tried to run in the air.

Which was just all sad.

Minus the wood floor platform, it was like this!!

This delighted me to no end to find from a Google search.
Way better than me drawing a picture for a visual.

I had to tell Monte all about it first thing when I woke up.

He told me to lay off the peanut butter pretzels before bed.

2) Pumpkins. While at our women's retreat, I led a group craft activity of making a book page pumpkin. 

The least likely person to say such a thing in the entire group,

made a comment that the silhouette of a pumpkin, when drawn on paper, 

looked like a bottom.

A touche.
A derriere.

I asked her if my jeans made my pumpkin look big.

And so the term just took off.

Carisa posted this on my Facebook wall:

3) Twinning. I ordered the girls some patterned leggings on Pick Your Plum. I thought I ordered two different patterns but the same came in. The girls decided it was cool to be "twinning".

4) Elf spaghetti. I found this in our fridge the other morning. Monte had cleaned up from dinner the night before.

A bag of spaghetti noodles.

I asked Monte if he wanted syrup on his.

Remember that from the movie Elf?

That's all I got.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. These are SO fun to read!! Horse dangling from a hot air balloon can possibly be a psychologist's dream to analyze!! lol

    LOVE the leggings.

    And the pumpkin butts.



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