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Catching Up

It’s been awhile since I posted anything.

I’ll catch you up very quickly since this is the first day I’ve had the house to myself in like

12 days
(due to President’s Day and a snow day yesterday) 
and I have so much I HAVE to do  and then a bunch of stuff I just WANT to do.
Monte and I went to Miami Beach for his 50th birthday.

He told me several months ago that all he wanted for his birthday was to be on an air boat in the Everglades looking for alligators.

Fine by me.

We stayed in South Beach which we’ve been to a handful of times.

All before kids.
I just love the pastel painted 3-story or so hotels along the beach and all the unique restaurants.

Nothing slick or overly fancy.

That’s on the north end of the beach where all the high rises are.

The trip started out on a Saturday with Monte getting the back of his head wanded by security because “something didn’t look right.”

As we were putting our watches and shoes back on Monte went up to security and asked what they saw or thought they…