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Things I Learned in August

Inspired by Chatting at the Sky, I am once again going to try to do a post on what I have learned this month.

I did a similar post in June but was on vacation the end of July so I skipped that month.


I think I just fell asleep,
that was so boring. So here we go:

1. Death is so much easier to bear  when I KNOW where they are spending eternity.
Since January, I have lost 3 family members, all siblings. (You can read about that here, here and here.)
But they are all together right now in heaven in the presence of Jesus.
I KNOW this.
It is hard to not smile at that fact.
And should put a fire under me to pray hard  for those I don't have that absolute knowledge.
2.   My family is such a blessing.

We aren't a perfect group, 
this big, huge loud extended family of mine, 

but we try to stay close in our huddle.
Even if some don't seem to be willing to wear the team jersey.

God so perfectly places us in our "family huddle" 
and we each can say …

A Jacked Up Jaw

We went to our beloved Fripp Island this summer.

Insert a happy [sigh] here.
No place is like Fripp for me. Actually my entire family.  We all feel exactly the same way. And we don't feel exactly the same way about ANYTHING else.
This year we had the added pleasure of getting to see my dad's older brother, Doyle and his son, Doyle Jr. whom I had never met.
Long story.
I think it had been 16 years or so since I had seen Uncle Doyle.
He spends most of his time in Brazil but has rental properties in North Carolina that he was working on and was able to make the drive to Fripp.
So glad he did.

On our first day at the beach Ellie and I did what we love to do:
jump waves.
Fripp has some of the warmest water EVER.
Like bath water warm.
I have read why and can not intelligently pass that along to you now  but something about jet streams and coastlines and whatnot.
You can walk out REALLY far into the ocean and still be waist deep.
I like that.
Until I came home and watched a special during S…

When We All Get To Heaven

While on vacation the end of July, we got the sad news that our dear Uncle Barney (actually, my great-uncle) passed away suddenly in his sleep.

He was my grandmother's younger brother.

He died on Sunday. My grandmother's birthday (the first since her passing) was Monday.
Never one to miss a chance to sing,

Uncle Barney arrived in heaven just in time to  sing his sweet sister Happy Birthday.
We were at our beloved Fripp Island when we got the news.

While on a bike ride around the island, the song,

"When We All Get to Heaven"
kept running through my mind.
I haven't heard or even thought of that song in years.

I could only recall the words to the chorus:

When we all get to heaven, What a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, We'll sing and shout the victory!

God is so faithful to comfort his own with a sweet memory.
The thought of Uncle Barney with his sisters and brother and parents let alone his "friend Jesus" (as he always phrased it)

Back to School

It has been a while since I have posted anything here.

August was busy (I will explain later) and I wanted to concentrate on enjoying the remaining days of summer with my girls.

McDaniel started high school today.

Thankfully, she is at school with only the freshman today so they can get adjusted to the school without getting mowed over by all the upper class men.

That comes tomorrow.

Ellie started middle school today.

She was ready last December.
In fact, summer couldn't end FAST ENOUGH for her.
She was THAT excited for middle school!
Ellie was all like, "See ya!"

McDaniel started having nightmares last spring about high school.

Nightmares that involved gangs, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
Or basically the plot from an after school special.  (Remember those from the 80s that explained things like "Roid Rage"?)

We tried to reassure McDaniel. Asked her to pray for courage and peace.

While Monte and I prayed for courage and peace.
We even had …