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Picking Emergency

I got a call from my friend, Julie, last week that she had found a great wooden ladder on the side of the road and that it wouldn’t fit into her car.

She drives a mini-Cooper.
Yes, the same one that my builder, Paul,  crashed into backing out of my driveway.

McDaniel was home sick that day and was with me in the kitchen when I got the call.

As I grabbed my keys to head out, McDaniel asked,

“Is this what you do all day?”
I wish!
I love picking emergencies!
People call me all the time after they have spotted something
on the side of the road that they think I might like. 

Or Carisa just tries to be funny.

I get “tipped off” to chairs mostly.
When you name your blog,  “Chairs From the Curb”  you have to expect that.

Although one time I do recall being at lunch with a friend and she mentioned a solid wood table she had spotted on a curb not far from where we were eating. 
I was driving a station wagon then and she had a van.
We piled the kids and their car seats (it was that long ago!) and o…


Ellie and I went to see Cinderella a few Sundays ago while Monte and McDaniel were watching the new Avengers movie.

Ellie had already seen Avengers with friends that Friday night.
I don’t do superhero movies.
Unless, of course, it’s at home,  I absolutely HAVE to and I’m allowed to hot glue something during it.
Ellie and I were the only two people in the entire theater.

We tried putting our feet up on the seats in front of us because, 
who would care,
but it wasn’t super comfortable 
and it kinda blocked our  own view of the screen. 
So much for being rebels.
The thing that really struck me in the Cinderella movie was the prince’s insistence on opening the royal ball to everyone.
Allowing ANY maiden in the village to come regardless of her bloodline.
And it wasn’t the princess that was shoved his way that the prince favored,
but a commoner.

So, basically, a Kate Middleton.
It was quite the bold suggestion.
A prince with royal blood marrying a girl with, well, none.

It rocked tradition.

Mother’s Day Weekend

On Thursday, I got a text from Julie that she noticed a HUGE box at my front door when she stopped by.

I was at lunch.
When I got home, it took me and the neighbor girl who happened to stop by to drag this box inside.

It was addressed to Monte.

Of course.
I wondered what type of paper products  he’d ordered in bulk this time.

I also feared he’d ordered some ginormous
Gator for our front yard.
When Monte got home from work he told me it was my Mother’s Day gift and I could go ahead and open it.

It was this:

A livestock trough.

Before you start getting a teence bit mad at Monte on my behalf, 
I ASKED for this.
Actually, two of them.  But I’m happy with one to start.
I’m going to fill it with dirt and make a raised garden bed.

No more bunny rabbits chewing up my plants!
No more bending over to weed!
The problem now is where to put it because my girlfriend warned me that once you put the dirt in it, it will not be budged.

If only the patio was installed! 
It’s now been a month since  the o…

More Table Decorating Ideas for a Women’s Luncheon

Our church’s annual women’s luncheon was last Saturday.

And it did not disappoint.
Get this:  our pastor spoke.
He’s a man.
We usually have a woman speaker at our women’s luncheon.

But our pastor delivered a wonderful message on beauty, the spiritual kind,  that God reserves for women.
It was lovely.

My mom got to come to the luncheon this year along with my girls.

Let’s get to the table decorations.

I decided to do a Wizard of Oz theme. Less emphasis on the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion (not to mention the witch) and more emphasis on scripture with the same message of home, wisdom, heart and courage.

I set a goal for myself not to spend a dime for this table. I only spent money on lollipops and Skittles.

Wait. I also spent $.99 on a pair of shoes at a thrift store that I turned into ruby slippers.
I looked for shoes with a bow and was happy to find these.

I spray painted the shoes a glossy red.

While the shoes were still wet, I sprinkled red glitter all over them.

I didn’t even put down a …