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Monte surprised me a few weeks ago with a new iPhone 5.

You know I didn't ask for it.

Remember me?
Techno dinosaur and somewhat proud of it.
Monte REALLY needed me to enter the world of smart phones.

Just occurred to me that maybe he was embarrassed of me when I'd whip out my little ol' slider phone at basketball games to update my parents on McDaniel's team.

Whatever the reason, I am an iPhoner now.

Is that a thing to say "iPhoner"?
It really took no time to get the hang of since I am comfortable with how Apple products work.
(She said with just a teence bit of haughty condescension.)

Seriously, the hardest part was making a call.

I am dead serious.
I can take a picture and send it to multiple people and places WAY easier and faster than making a simple call.

Ellie gave me a tutorial the first night I got it.

She is 10.
And NOT a smart phone owner.

Wait. She doesn't even have a phone of ANY kind.
Wow. I feel even more prehistoric now.
I guess she elected h…

Clearing Out

Okay. So it has been over a week since I announced the new challenge I have taken on.

Migonis Home is a blog I follow.

Is anyone else giving this a go?
I think I thought I would get rid of something EVERY DAY.

I haven't.
But I have been quite intentional about making a list of what I want to clean out:

Which of course will add to the tally

(that I am NOT keeping)  towards the goal of 365 items gone out of my house.
I have managed to clear out all those mysterious Legos that i found and put them into my car to donate
in the near future (I hope)
because they keep rolling around in their Ziplocs making a pretty big racket when I'm driving.
I have also cleaned out our humongous TV armoire of unwanted board games and DVDs 
which amounted to 3 FULL bags which we sold to Half Price Books for

wait for it
We have sold  CDs,  Disney movies,  hardback books,  brand-new DVDs
and they always give us $17.00.
No matter what.
I think the whole waiting for your name to be called with…

Sofa Shopping

We have found ourselves in need of a new sofa

davenport if you are my dad.
Many years ago
(let's say 10 because I have no earthly idea) 
we invested in a quality leather couch with down filled cushions.

This bad boy was going to last FOREVER

and then we were going to give it to one of the girls when they got their first apartment.
But here we are
(let's say 10 years later) 
and it looks like this:

But someone in my house threw up the morning  of the appointment and I had to cancel.
Life happens.
Our wedding anniversary is December 16. 
Since it is so close to Christmas we decided early on to stick with the recommended anniversary gifts as deemed by
you know, I am not sure who deemed  paper for the 1st anniversary  and silver for the 25th.
It has been a lot of fun following these gift guidelines and a great outlet for being creative.
We celebrated our 17th this year.
The recommended gift was
wait for it
Can you believe it?
It is almost ALWAYS
jewelry,  copper,  iron  or watch…


This word has always been negative to me.

It was something my dad shouted at me  in the car  on long road trips.
When I was bored and making a game of  getting my youngest brother into trouble  or making my other brother laugh  until he wet his pants. (I was good at that.)
"Quit!" Dad would holler.

Neg. A. Tive.
When I accepted a job after college that
overworked me,
underpaid me  and played a little too close to the shady-side  of the proverbial "line" of what was ethical,  I confided in my dad.

"Don't quit. Stick it out for a least a year," he recommended.
I quit on my 1 year work anniversary.

They gave me a commemorative pin and I handed them a resignation letter.

Then Monte chased me through the parking lot  to profess his feelings for me.
Not all negative.
(But that's an entirely different story.)
Back to quitting.

We just let Ellie quit basketball.

We were quite torn about it.
Do we force her to stick it out as a character lesson?

You know the whole, we fin…

New Challenge

I know, I KNOW! 

You might be saying, ANOTHER challenge?!

Like the 31 Days of Story Telling back in October.
And the Tuesdays Unwrapped in December.
And the whole One Word for the new year year thing.
There is a good chance you might be getting just sick to death of me doing them.

But I need accountability.
Dare I say, a schedule.
I am such a creature of habit.

When I saw this challenge on a blog I follow (Migonis Home) this morning, I felt inspired.

You see, my youngest is doing a presentation today on Sir Walter Raleigh.
(The explorer--I knew I recognized the name but I was like, "Who was he again?")

Ellie gets to dress up like Sir Walter Raleigh. I thought of the Captain's Hook hat I wore several years ago for Halloween and felt it would be PERFECT for Ol' Walt's outfit.

I looked in the Halloween boxes in the garage.
In toy boxes.  (Seriously, WHY do we have toy boxes still?!  And why were there Legos in the toy box?  My girls NEVER played …

Falling Down

Falls are funny to me.

I know. 
I am simple.

I splash around in the shallow end of the pool

too much sometimes. 
My husband fell on some black ice in the parking lot of his office yesterday morning.
He is fine.
He called to tell me he fell.
I like to think it is because he knew I would get so much delight from the story.
But I think he did it more to say, 
"Hey! I fell. And it hurt." (You know how guys can be)
He said he noticed the patch of ice.
So he adjusted his step appropriately.
Then he fell quickly 
and in such a way that he isn't sure exactly what happened. (Even though I keep pestering him to remember and reenact.)
All he knows is that he at one moment was taking careful steps on an ice patch and then 
there may have been sky
and then there was most definitely pavement
and then he was on all fours.
Like baby Bambi on the icy pond sliding around.  Well, that's how I see it in my head, anyway.

His glasses were a decent distance away from him.
Monte did a quick body asse…

One Word

I have been noticing that many bloggers are picking one word for 2013 to

strive for,  hold them accountable  or just flat out  use as an anthem for the new year.
There is even an entire web site dedicated to this one word idea.
I poo-pooed this idea of one word last year.  (Remember? I am the one with no smart phone. Not an early adapter.)
Which made me pause when I saw it pop up again this year. 
I am not so much for hopping on the trend wagon.  I like to see things tested and tried out. By someone else. First. 
I have nothing painted in ombre in my house.  (Google it. Or better yet--Pinterest it. All the rage in painting. And hair coloring as it turns out.)
I have no chevron in my house.  (Although I did try to paint my own on fabric for a pillow cover. Looked like Charlie Brown's shirt.)
I have nothing against either of those things. 
Well, except for maybe ombre. 

I don't get it.  Painting something in slightly differ…

How I Know It Is Time For School To Start Again

We have had a GREAT two weeks off
from school,
schedules  and the CHAOS that is otherwise known as  OUR LIFE.
But all things must come to an end.

And this is how I knew it was time.
I found this in the bathroom:

Without question, this has Ellie written all over it.

When I asked Ellie to explain the big ol' sparkly sequined…sparkly thing embedded into my deodorant, she gave me a long-winded scattered tale in one breath the equivalent of a Family Circus cartoon.

You know, the kind from the Sunday comics.

I have no idea where this girl gets her rabbit trail tendencies.

But if you are bored enough that you take a big ol' sparkly sequined…sparkly thing and embed it into your mother's deodorant,
The End.