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What I Have Learned in June

A blog I follow

has asked for bloggers who are interested
to post what they have learned in June.


In light of my last few days,

I decided to give this a try.
1. I have learned that God's plans are better than our plans-- even when we don't understand them.
After a year of planning a trip to Alaska with my parents that we were to leave for TOMORROW, my dad had to cancel it 2 days ago due to poor health. 

Out of the blue poor health. 
Nothing serious but pain enough that a long flight  and lots of driving and hiking  would've made even worse. 
My dad graciously asked us to go without him.  But this was HIS Bucket List trip and going without him felt wrong.
Actually, it was my grandfather's Bucket List trip that my parents had booked with my grandparents  as a celebration of his remission from cancer. 
But the cancer came back before they could make it to Alaska.
My dad promised to take the trip…

Not So Much the Techno Dinosaur

I'm just saying…

having a blog with widgets and gadgets and CODE 
for the love of Pete
is dragging me out of the techno Jurassic Park

even if I am kicking and screaming (if that is what in fact this dinosaur is doing. He looks a little nauseous.)
Well, I need to mention that if you follow this blog on Google Reader and are one of the happy faces that sit on my left hand sidebar


than you are about to go away.
For whatever Google reasons

Google Reader to going away on July 1.
So you have a few options to continue getting my blogs on precious less than my rants of the flesh and observations of well, everything.

•You can subscribe via email  to get my post updates right in your inbox. (And you have the option to hit delete when they come.)
That option is to your left on my sidebar.
•Or you can choose the kicky new button  that is over there as well  to follow this blog on bloglovin'.
I had to read up on how to get that button which is why I am still in my pajamas at 1…


The idea of "fairness" keeps coming up in our lives.
My oldest daughter got her ears pierced when she was in the 5th grade.

So Ellie just got her ears pierced in the 5th grade.

McDaniel got a cell phone in the 6th grade after she made the honor roll.

So she just assumed that Ellie would do the same.
Well, we are starting to give Ellie a little bit more independence this summer and Monte and I are starting to feel like she might need a cell phone a little earlier than McDaniel did.

To give us peace of mind that we can stay in touch.
McDaniel is having a hissy fit over that.

"It. Just. Isn't. Fair".
Mind you, we have done nothing more than discuss the matter.
And she has absolutely no say in our final decision.
Before the end of the school year, Ellie's class studied the concept of Fair Trade.

Except, as it turns out, it still isn't completely fair.

The bigger kid always manages to figure out a way to play "keep away" from the little guy.

Even whe…

And That Was Our Saturday

We had a Saturday a week ago that had precious little lined up in the way of activities for the day.

Oh, how I love a day like that!
They are too rare!
Monte decided to get the weed eater out to feast upon the yard.

Shortly thereafter he informed me,

"I blew the string."
Not sure this is the official term for running out of string or just fouling it up in some way.

So off he went to the hardware store.
He was gone awhile.
Long enough for him to miss the girls as they walked outside looking like this:

They announced that they wanted to play croquet.
Oh my, I love croquet!  I come from a long line of competitive croquet players. I guess my grandfather would lie on the ground to better line up his shots. My mother? Well, let's just say it got ugly on the croquet court at Fripp Island one year.  She may have made a small boy cry who asked if he could join our game.
The girls apparently thought they had grown up in turn of the century New England  and felt the need to dress up for th…

Sweet Cheeks Fishing Party

My girlfriend, Carisa, is married to Juan.

Juan is

turning 40.
I know!

She's a cougar.
She asked my friend Sumita and I to plan a surprise party for him as a sort of reunion of all the buddies who went on a fly fishing trip back in November.

When he got the name "Sweet Cheeks."

I am pretty sure it was Monte who started it.

Not sure if you can tell in the above picture,  but Juan's waders fit like a wet suit rather than, well, waders.
Juan was quite proud of his skinny jean shark skin waders and strutted out of the lodge in Arkansas like a peacock.
And Sweet Cheeks was born.
Monte however, got the Bozo the Clown waders that were so big and floppy he feared they would fill up with water and drag him down the river never to be seen again.

Two guesses on which one is Sweet Cheeks and which one is Monte with the Bozo waders.
Take a moment to soak it all in.
And by soak it all in I mean laugh.
The guys all decided at one point to fly fish from boats.
The boat that Swee…