Monday, April 28, 2014

Table Decorating Ideas for a Women’s Luncheon

Every year our church does a women’s luncheon in the spring where women can sign up to decorate a table.

I love seeing all the different creative table decorations.

This year I did a 50s Diner theme:

I used record albums for chargers and Coke glasses that I already had. I gave each person a Coke to take home in a real glass bottle. Just like my grandfather had delivered to his house by the case each month.

In fact, that yellow wooden Coca-Cola crate is one of the crates the Cokes were delivered in. I use it on a small table top as an end table in my den.

I painted CDs with chalkboard paint and used chalkboard markers to color in the center of the “records” and write “The Diner”.

I borrowed a big parfait looking vase from Sumita and filled the bottom with turquoise gum balls I found at Target.

I made the top of the float out of a Styrofoam ball with fake carnations stuck in. 
I added a red rose to look like the cherry on top. And of course a paper straw.

I used my Waffle House mugs too.

This table really was my grandfather. 

Carisa sitting by the sweet mother of the girl singing.
I love the look on her face watching her daughter sing.

View from my table watching Julie hold her precious little step-grandson
(if that is even how you’d say it).

McDaniel decorated a table this year.
She wanted to do a peach theme since she was born in Atlanta.

And she loves drinking out of mason jars so she knew she wanted to incorporate them as well.

And coral. She had to have coral.

McDaniel placed a peach at each place setting with a card saying, 
“You’re a peach” stuck inside with a toothpick.

It was tough finding peaches in Ohio in April.
Here is a peek at the other tables:

Julie’s amazing bird themed table.

She sprayed painted twigs this gorgeous light blue.

Look at the bling hanging from the branches.

Monte saw it and said, “Is it a Frozen theme?”

Poor guy, living with all us women.

My favorite part was the handwritten scriptures written on birds at each place setting.

Each scripture was different. And each had to do with birds. 

Look at the table runner on this spring-themed table. The hostess hot glued fake leaves from a floral bouquet together and ironed them flat. Brilliant!

Don’t you love that she also put out seed packets?
Makes me want to go out and start digging in my
garden. Except it’s raining. And isn’t there some
rule about planting before Mother’s Day?
 She also put a potted flower in tea cups. I just love that!!

Music themed table. Even the confetti sprinkled on the table were musical notes, treble and bass clefs.

I never got to ask what musical instrument that is in the
center of the table. But it sure looks like something
Biblical that David played. 
 I love the color on this table. And the white chocolate crosses were a nice touch. 

Look at this! This woman is an interior designer and boy, does it show. 
I look forward to her tables every year.

This is such a peaceful table with all the calming green. 

I love those antler candle holders!

Oh my word, this next table was just too awesome! This was decorated by one of the wives of a Columbus Clippers baseball player.

Sumita hosts a Clippers family to live in their basement (set up like an apartment with a full kitchen and door to the outside and everything) each season.

She leads a bible study for the wives and really becomes an important part of the lives of these women who are living a very nomadic life during the baseball season following their husbands city to city often with little ones in tow. Just being in Sumita’s home gives them a sense of normalcy.

The baseballs in the vase, peanuts and box of
Cracker Jacks at each place setting was just awesome!

Many of the baseball wives came to the luncheon and sat at the table. They were so beautiful!

The decorator of this amazing table, cut the hides off of baseballs to wrap around the napkins as holders! You could smell the leather when you got near the table.

I approached the decorator of this table and said something like, “I love your balls!” which Sumita’s oldest daughter, Sara, overheard.

She just shook her head.

I need to think before I speak a lot more often.

This table had hearts all over it with handwritten reminders of who God is.

Patriotic table. I just noticed how the napkins were folded like a flag. Nice touch!

Even though the tables were fun to look at, talk about and take pictures of, the real reason we were at the luncheon was to hear from a speaker.

This year the speaker was Alyssa, Sumita’s youngest daughter. Just 19 years old.

She spoke about her recent health problems that forced her to drop out of her freshman year at college so she could have surgery. She spoke about her constant pain and how the doctors aren’t quite sure why that is still happening.

Alyssa spoke about how real God has become to her through this. How He gave her scriptures in quiet moments saying that she was being summoned by Him to this situation. How he loved her and cared for her and was in complete control.

The friend sending next to me who is a breast cancer survivor, turned to me wide-eyed and said God had given her those scriptures too when she was deep in her battle.

Alyssa talked honestly about being angry. Being scared. How she gave God deadlines for healing.

And then how she completely surrendered.

At 19. 

It was a wonderful message given by an articulate girl wise beyond her years.

I thank God for his faithfulness to her. 

And ask for your prayers for Alyssa as she still battles daily pain.

Does your church do anything like this luncheon?


  1. Wow, what a great table setting with all the coke ideas and records. Very clever. So many great table scape ideas.
    Have a wonderful week,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

    1. Thanks, Bev! I can’t wait to explore more about you converting your barn into a work space. :)

  2. What a cute vintage look you achieved with the coke bottles - I love it.... Cathy

  3. Oh I LOVE your table Karmen! I usually go to an event like this at a local Greek Orthodox church. As soon as the event is over, they are already planning table for next year LOL! So much inspiration :-)

    1. Kathe,

      We were all standing around after the event brainstorming about next year! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love all the tables, but really love your 50s diner..That vase really did look like a giant float.

    1. Thanks! I saw it on Pinterest (of course!) but always nice when it actually LOOKED like the one I saw on Pinterest--because that doesn’t always happen with me!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Everyone really outdid themselves this year.

  6. Your table is so cute! And I love that McDaniel used fresh peaches as a takehome. Fresh peaches and glass bottled coke ~ I need to join your women's group : ) Our "home" church has done a women's tea each year with ladies signing up to decorate one but it has to be with china and fancy things. I love that this incorporates so many personalities and different ideas. How fun! You are a very creative bunch.

    1. You are right, the more laid back, the more creative! Last year, one lady did each place setting as a different room from the game CLUE using doll house furniture. It was amazing! I will have to post pictures!

  7. I never seen anything like that luncheon! Those tables were all amazing!! What an awesome idea!

    1. Rabia,
      Yes! It is always a well-attended event. I guess us women need an outlet for creativity.

  8. Oh those TABLES!!!! I lingered on every single ONE of them! That is just incredible...

    And that precious girl- at 19. Her wisdom and grace and relentless fight. Bless her faithful heart. She will be in my prayers.

    What a beautiful luncheon indeed. Thanks for the amazing idea. I think I will present it to our board of directors at church. Beautiful!

    1. Chris,

      Oh, I am SO inviting you next year so you can see the tables for yourself!!! :)

  9. Thank you for sharing these wonderful inspirational tables. What a joy and blessing they are.Susie

  10. I loved seeing all the table themes!! Great ideas, Karmen!!


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