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The Gravity Chair, Fried Chicken and the NBA Championship

Hope all the fathers in your life had a great day Sunday.

Monte decided about a month before Father’s Day that he needed his gift right away.

A gravity chair.
I’d never heard of them before but Monte sure had.

Bed, Bath and Beyond had a gravity chair that was  20% wider than a normal gravity chair.
The “Big Boy” as I like to call it.
This extra 20% enticed Monte right into using our 20% off coupon to get it before it was even June.
The name confused me at first.

Gravity plays into every chair when you think about it.
If it didn’t, we’d have no need for one.
But for the sake of Monte’s extreme enthusiasm, I’ll play along.

This chair doesn’t work like a regular patio lounge chair where you have two or three positions to prop yourself into.

This works more like an outdoor recliner.
A “Big Boy Lazy Boy” if you will.
That just came to me and you can bet  I’m using that again.
Once you are in your optimal state of recline, you have to put the brakes on to lock in your position.

I haven’t q…

Beyond the Flimsy

Saturday night Ellie decided to burn all the paperwork related to school.

It made quite an intense flame for a bit.

But it died down quickly until we fed it again with

science worksheets,

social studies homework 
and math.

All that flimsy paper began to fly through the air,

raining charred bits of 8th grade all around us.
The yard is still a mess with all the bits of burnt paper.

I’ve tried to pick them up but they disintegrate the moment I touch them,
making a bigger mess.
It’s like that with most flimsy things.

They all eventually make a mess  blowing around out of control  all over your yard.

It’s no accident that things with substance,

weight to them,
are the things that bring warmth.
Cause us to bring our chairs closer.

Make us want to linger.
Roast a marshmallow.

Not run for cover picking burnt up tissue-paper thin shrapnel  from our hair and clothes.

Here’s to a summer of substance.

To skipping the shallow part of the pool and diving into the waters of th…