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The Security of Eternity

I heard the end of a sermon on the radio about eternity last week.

It talked about looking at an old epitaph from a headstone in a graveyard that read something to the effect of "Finally realizing his eternal promise."

The pastor pointed out that the epitaph had it wrong.
Once you accept Christ,

that very moment, 
you get the eternal promise.  Eternity is realized.
I hope that poor guy didn't walk around not knowing that.

Thinking he was always just moments away from a backslide or lost salvation.
God isn't fickle.
What He says is done is done.

Once you truly accept that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, YOU. ARE. SEALED. 
There is nothing you can do about it  so stop letting some false teacher  bully you into a guilt trip  that will cost you every ounce of joy  and confidence  and security  you get once you accept the  God gift of eternal salvation.
Eternal means without beginning or end; existing through all time; everlasting.

If some churches would just preach that, the…


We watched Scrooged the other night.

It's a movie with Bill Murray that came out in 1988.
I had never seen it until I married Monte.
It's a modern (1980s) adaptation of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" with the three ghosts and everything.

The Tiny Tim character won't speak  after witnessing his father's murder years before.
Bill Murray is Frank Cross, the Scrooge character who is a successful TV exec bent on ratings and success rather than good quality programming.

The transformation of Frank Cross is pretty phenomenal.
He goes on live TV to explain to everyone listening exactly what he's learned.

The speech gets me every time, every year.

Here it is:

If you believe in this pure thing,

the miracle will happen and you will want it again tomorrow!
You'll get greedy for it.
I love how the writers used the word greedy for something good.
It makes me think of what I can be greedy for.
God's word
Not what I can do for others in…

Sing in Exultation

As I was eating breakfast this morning, this sky happened.

Of course my phone couldn't capture just how pink and orange and bright the sky really was.
Little tiny snowflakes were falling as well.
I'm not sure why but the phrase from an old familiar Christmas song popped into my head,
"Sing choirs of angels,  sing in exultation."
If color could be a song, this is what it would look like.

And choirs of angels would definitely be singing it.
I looked up what exultation meant and it is

"lively or triumphant joy, as over success or victory."
Not a bad way to start a morning.
O, Come, All Ye Faithful
1. Oh, come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphant! Oh, come ye, oh come ye to Bethlehem. Come and behold him, Born the King of angels; Oh, come, let us adore him; Oh, come, let us adore him; Oh, come, let us adore him, Christ, the Lord. 2. — Sing, choirs of angels, Sing in exultation; — Sing, all ye citizens of heav’n above! Glory to God, Glory in the highest; Oh, com…

Ginger and Spice and Everything…Lice?!

They're baaack!

Click here and here if you want to know how this isn't our first rodeo when it comes to lice.

A week after Thanksgiving, Ellie kept complaining about an itching scalp. 
I looked through her hair and saw nothing.
But to be fair,  I wasn't using a magnifying glass.
Or even my reading glasses.
I told her it was just dry scalp and to use some Head and Shoulders.
The next week I found her crying in her room before school.
She said her head was still itching and she feared she had lice.
I looked again and saw nothing  and sent her to school.
She texted me from school and asked for an appointment at the lice center.
I made an appointment after school but it was only for an assessment.
They were booked solid that day  and couldn't fit in anymore treatments.
Lice is a demanding business.
Within minutes it was determined I did not have lice and that Ellie did.
They booked Ellie at a different lice center across town for the following morning.
Ellie did not like the…

That Time I Got My Stitches Out

I didn't handle it well.

I never have had stitches that needed to be removed.
They usually just painlessly dissolved on their own.
I'm not sure what constitutes using  disolvable/removable stitches  but PLEASE always sign me up  for the disolvable.
The doctor told me I didn't have to make an appointment and could just pop in to have the stitches removed.

That set a "no biggie/this isn't going to hurt"  tone for the entire visit for me.
I planned to pop in,  take care of the stitches  and then head to a bible study brunch.
They asked me once I went back to the examining room if I'd like to take off my pants.

I told them that I did not.
I rolled up my pant leg and sat on the exam table.
I noticed a beautiful black and white picture on the wall of a tree when an intense pain shot through my leg.

I felt a strong instinct to slap the woman in the neck.
So strong that I wondered if I did for a second.
She told me there was only one stitch left, the others had come…

Sunday School, Red Solo Cups and the Prophet/Inventor

I taught Sunday School this past week and had Ellie help me since I knew we were going to be making a messy craft/snack.

But it was more of a visual aid to the lesson.
I'll explain more in a minute.

There was a large group of kids and it was Communion Sunday.

Before we broke up by age groups, the youth pastor explained communion and what the bread and juice represented.

When the juice was being passed out, one of the little boys joked with the boy next to him that he was going to get drunk on wine.

Then the youth pastor handed Ellie and I two large red Solo cups saying he'd run out of communion cups due to the large group.

I may or may not have said something to Ellie like it really did appear  as if someone was going to get drunk on wine.
And it wasn't going to be the boy
with the little communion cup.
Ellie said she wanted to take a selfie because some of her friends from more conservative, formal churches thinks this is what it's like at our church anyway.


Grease is the Word. So is Halloween.

This was our first Halloween without McDaniel.

We knew this was coming and started talking about it last year.

While we were home in Indiana last Easter, I ran into a dear high school friend at my parents' church.

He brought up our Halloween costumes and I shared our concerns of how to do pictures so we can use them for our Christmas card with one away at college.

He suggested taking them in the summer while McDaniel was still home.
Of course!
We always get our costumes early during sales so that wouldn't be a problem.

It was so simple yet it had never occurred to us!
So, we contacted a talented photographer, Meghan, who we know through Young Life and had her come over in August.

We borrowed our neighbor's vintage Cadillac convertible and went to the local middle school that our girls attended.

It's almost 100 years old and seriously looks Rydel Highesque from Grease.

On the way to the school, I quickly filled Meghan in on our Halloween tradition and how she was sworn …

Bumps and Lumps

Getting older is a pain.

Monte made fun of his sister PROFUSELY when she brought this contraption with her from Texas this summer. 

It is better than a massager because it concentrates on pressure points.
To my surprise, one arrived in the mail last week.
Monte never tells me about the things he orders.

You put the hook part on your back or shoulder or elbow and pull it forward to work through the tension of your pain.
Monte and I fight over it at night.
Don't we sound like a blast?
It's super heavy.
I was lying on the couch watching TV the other night  spinning this tool around mindlessly  when the ball end of one of the hooks  clocked me on the bridge of my nose,  right between the eyes.
I thought I broke my nose  and I'd have to tell the ER doctor just how I did it.
Moving on…
I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago to get a routine mole check.
She told me the mole on my neck wasn't actually a mole but a skin tag.
A skin tag that would continue to get bigge…


Friday our church had a Harvest Fest with a Trunk or Treat.

Last year, our adorable youth pastor's wife decorated her trunk and I decided we had to do that this year.

Last week was super busy so I didn't get to work on the decorations until a few hours before the event.

I decided on a Jurassic Park theme since:

 1) We had the costumes.

2) Monte has an orange Jeep.
3) Dinosaurs. Duh
I vowed to not spend a dime.

Using a box from Amazon, I cut and covered the cardboard with a brown grocery sack to make the back of Monte's Jeep look like the entrance to Jurassic Park.

I taped black card stock paper to look like a torch and crumbled some orangish/red scrapbook paper to be the flames.

I just propped them up in the back of his Jeep and brought two ferns from our back yard and the Jurassic Park logo I printed out a few times and strung together to make a banner.

Other than my cardboard being a little too wide for the Jeep, everything worked out fine for the props.

It was my inflatable …