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The Adding On Update

Since my last house addition update, 
we got kitchen cabinets.

We had open, floating shelves built instead of installing upper cabinets.

I’ve always had open shelves, even in our first house in Atlanta.
It saves you money,  makes unloading the dishwasher a snap and it makes guests feel comfortable
grabbing a glass for water
or a plate for a meal.

Because they are all right there out in the open.

And when your husband brings home those huge ugly plastic cups
from his gas station ice tea,
you just throw them
in one of the lower cabinets.

Or you throw them in the trash can
and tell him it melted in the dishwasher.

I made our builder, Paul, nervous when I asked him if he was POSITIVE the fridge would fit into its new cabinet home.

That would not even be funny if the fridge that started  this whole projectstill didn’t fit into the kitchen.
Lots of measuring later,  yes, he is POSITIVE it will fit.

I can’t even express the excitement I have about this pantry!

They reconfigured the shelves…

That Time We Called the Fire Department About the Weird Noise Coming from Our Fireplace

That’s exactly what happened.

The title pretty much sums it up.
We were in the living room watching TV Sunday night,
when a loud humming-like noise  started coming from the fireplace.
Monte swears he heard the wood in the fire  pop first, but I did not.
The noise sounded like a revving-up-for-an-explosion kind of noise.
To me, anyway.
We looked outside at the chimney to make sure it wasn’t a fire.
But there wasn’t any smoke inside  and we’d had a fire going for about an hour.
We looked in the basement at the washer and dryer that had been on for hours as the girls decided earlier in the day that ALL THEIR CLOTHES WERE DIRTY.
No humming noise there.
Monte had me turn off the heat so he could check the furnace. He had changed the filter earlier in the day and he thought maybe it was loose or something.

The noise was definitely not
coming from the basement.
The girls were upstairs and could hear the noise but it wasn’t coming from up there either.
We decided that we really needed to ca…

Not Buying a Couch in a Snowstorm and the Arm Wrestling Old Man at Chick-fil-A

Last Saturday, we decided to go start looking for a new couch to go into our new family room. We brought the girls with us since the painters mentioned swinging by and painting all the trim around our new doors (that have been hung with knobs attached, thank you very much).

We love having doors again!
It was very cold and windy and snowing lightly when we left our house.

We had no idea how bad the weather was supposed to get.  [Cue dramatic music]
In the short walk from our car to the furniture store, we were covered with snow and our hair was practically blown right off our heads.

But let’s back it up just a bit…

On the car ride to the furniture store, we told the girls that based on the dimensions of the new family room, we would not be looking at sectionals.

Probably a couch and a love seat or a couch and two chairs.
Of course, they wanted a sectional.
We let them know that we wanted pet friendly leather, not fabric, so we’d not have to fuss over stains.

Within seconds of walking into …

What Mary Poppins Taught Me About Compassion

It’s easy for me to think compassion is just for the desperately third world poor.

Like our sweet Vivian that we sponsor in Uganda through an organization called Compassion.

But it’s revealed over and over to me that compassion opportunities are all around me,
here in this advanced Western culture, here in my comfortable Midwestern town. 
And it is the poor in spirit that need my attention.
You know, the foul-mouthed and critical worker in my house.
The lonely old man sitting by himself at Chick-fil-A.
The harsh, severe cashier with shockingly mean things to say.
It’s them that need our compassion. 
When it would be so easy to reprimand them.
Ignore them.
Make them feel guilty for the ugly things they’ve said.
They are the ones that need compassion.
It’s harder than you think because it is always easier to sympathize with the one fetching water two miles from their hut every single day
than the man in your house telling dirty jokes  and criticizing your choice in counter tops.
I’m embarrasse…

I Miss Doors

We are getting all the interior doors replaced in our house.

The old doors were hollow and stained a orangey color that hasn’t been popular since the Rat Pack was alive and well.

The knobs were old and didn’t function anymore and had a little flip lock that was so easy to accidentally flip and lock yourself out of a room.

Or lock yourself into your room if you are Ellie and 2 years old

or 12 (happened 2 weeks ago).
To get all the interior doors replaced in our house they first took out all the old doors.

Then painted the new doors.
Which left us with no doors in between coats.
Bathroom included.

Our only bathroom upstairs sits at the top of the landing which makes one VERY vulnerable and visible to anyone standing at the front door.

Especially when your front door has windows.
And when said bathroom’s toilet sits just on  the other side of where a door used to be.
I had to “spot” McDaniel take a shower in a bathroom with no door and painters still in the house. And by “spot” I mean, le…

A Peek

Today is Monte’s birthday.

I never know if he is going to want a “big deal” made for his special day.

Or just a low key family celebration.
His reaction is different every year.
This year, he texted me earlier in the week that he wanted a “smallish group” to gather and go to a place he had researched called 16-Bit Arcade.

Yes, you read that right. 
An arcade.
This arcade has all the old standards from our 80s childhood.

Pac Man, Frogger, Centipede, Galaga, Asteroids. 
And several I had never heard of.
While I enjoyed a good arcade game from time to time in the 80s,

I was never a high-score-get-to-put-my-name-in-the-machine type of player.
Monte was.
He worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s in high school.

Just let that sink in for a minute.  Don’t rush it.
He made pizza, steam cleaned the carpets EVERY NIGHT and even had to wear the Chuck E. costume to entertain the kids once.

Just once.
Because the costume was too short for Monte’s  over 6-foot body and the amount of skin that  was exposed from the…