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What I Learned in June

I’m linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for:

1.  I need summer to be hot and sunny.
No offense New England, the Great Lakes or the Pacific Northwest,
but this girl wants some humidity and sunshine  to make her summer count. 
No jackets and umbrellas. 
No “getting used to the water” because the temperatures dip so low in the evening that it remains an unbearable 58 degrees. 
If I’m going to endure the Midwest weather for the remaining 9 months of the year, 
I need me some hot and sun for June, July and August.
I’m giving you the side eye,  Summer.
It’s time to step up.
2.  I’m easily fascinated.
A few weeks ago, I discovered that I had stepped in something.
I used a stick to scrape it off.

Look at all that crud! How long was it on my flip flop??

Ellie was horrified that Monte and I were not only discussing it but photographing it as well.
If you look at it just so 
(with maybe one eye closed) 
it looks like a flower.
A junky trash flower.


I have had a “thing” about dinosaurs since before I can remember.

I’m not just saying that.
My love for dinosaurs PRE-DATES my memory.
I could spell the word dinosaur before I bothered to learn to spell my last name.

I knew all their names, how to pronounce them, how to spell them and what period they lived in.

I read EVERYTHING both my school and town’s library had pertaining to dinosaurs.

I remember writing to the publisher of one book to let them know of an error.
What a nerd!
My absolute dream and the subject of many a story I’d write, was that somehow I could be transported back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

To see them live and up close.
I had just graduated college when I read Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park”.

This book rocked my world.

I loved it and hated it at the same time.
A dinosaur theme park?

Sign me up!
Tyrannosaurus Rexes and Velociraptors?

No thank you.
I was more of a Brontosaurus and Triceratops girl myself.
I distinctly remember staying up late at a fr…

With All That Out of the Way, It Finally Feels Like Summer…

It seems as if a lifetime has been lived since the last day of school just a week ago.

Remember last year around the last day of school when we drove past the house with the “zombie children” all over their front yard?

They were at it again.

Except this year’s theme was something about “keeping an eye on you” I’m guessing from ALL THE EYEBALLS peeping out at us while we waited at the stop light and Ellie snapped these pictures.

I certainly got the feeling I was being stared down.

Bless their hearts,

I think they THOUGHT they were accomplishing something less creepy  than smear-faced, oddly-positioned zombie children, 
The weather hasn’t been able to decide between being extremely hot and extremely chilly but landed on being most certainly, overcast.

Which hasn’t helped with the “it doesn’t feel like summer yet” feelings.

Our schedule has been chock full.

Mostly fun stuff like attending several graduation parties which allowed me to not have to worry about cooking on a …

The Sacrifice of Fools

Our youth pastor, Dave, preached this past Sunday.

The sermon was out of Ecclesiastes and titled:  “Precipate Worship vs. Pure Worship, The Sacrifice of Fools"

The word fool popped right out at me.
A person who lacks sense or judgement.  A person who is made to appear ridiculous.  An idiot or imbecile. 
It should not come as a surprise that I am  VERY familiar with the definition.
But fool was not, in this context, any of those definitions.
Quite the opposite.
And potentially,
far worse.
The fool was someone who was in denial.

Or flat-out rebellion, 
wrapped up in denial 
with a teence bit of liar, liar pants on fire thrown in.

You know, the fools that sit in church but don’t listen.

That nod their head at all the right sermon points but don’t hear.
That sing the songs that praise our God but don’t feel it,

much less mean it.
That rush into church late, without properly preparing their hearts and minds for God’s lesson for them.

That says things like, “Well at least I came to church……


You might remember a painting that caught my eye in a local store a year or so ago.

I originally tried to get Carisa to buy it but $365 for a picture of two donkeys  staring each other down would be a bit much for anyone.
Monte and I really liked it and vowed to paint one ourselves once our addition was complete.
Monte felt it summed up marriage in a single work of art.
No words needed.
Well, that time came last week.
I bought a pack of poster boards so we could feel free to make mistakes.
I just grabbed the paint I had and mixed colors to get what I wanted.
We did a pencil sketch first, each drawing one mule.
Monte decided that “muleart” is what  this form of art should be called.
A little classier than “donkey art”  or “mullet” as my autocorrect keeps trying  to change “muleart”  to.

We outlined the sketches with black paint.

I tried to do the spots on my mule like the expensive painting but it ended up looking like some sort of medieval executioner hood.

Not the vibe I was…

Is it Summer Yet?!

No, no it is not.

Said the school calendar
and sadly, the weather.
It’s chilly and overcast!
It’s been non-stop activity here.
I don’t know why the end of the school year always involves so. much. parental. involvement. 
Permission slips to sign.
Money to send in for pizza parties.
Projects involving everything we do not possess in the house.
Choir concerts.
Usually these concerts are not enjoyable.

Middle school voices and pop music don’t always go together. 
I still think Bon Jovi’s ears are bleeding  from the “tribute” McDaniel’s class did two years ago.  “Living on a Prayer” my foot. 
We had very low expectations when Ellie told us that they had been practicing Elton John and Billy Joel songs.

Monte tried to schedule a business trip to miss the concert. 
I told him that would not. be. wise. 
But we were so pleasantly surprised by how good the concert was!

I’m guessing Elton and Billy’s ears dripped nary a speck of blood. 
The 8th grade boy who bravely and beautifull…