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Horsing Around

I usually plan a little birthday tea for Carisa every year.

Then she usually makes everyone celebrate my birthday too.
Our birthdays are three days apart.
So it became kind of a thing for us to throw our own themed tea for each other.

We’ve done some fun ones.
Then Sumita looked at me over a meal at our women’s retreat last month and said that she and Julie were going to plan it this year.

Even though I really enjoy planning the tea each year, it was even better just attending it.
Carisa and I didn’t know until one or two days before where we were going.

Horsey Hall.
We were going to have lunch at a place about 40 minutes away called Horsey Hall.

Julie had been a few weeks before with her mother and sister and really wanted us to experience it.

As soon as we pulled in we noticed the horse heads on the stone pillars. They were pretty much begging for a photo op.

These horses weren’t sporting a look of daring heroics. 

No, we decided they looked like they were the horse carrying Ichabod Cr…

Things You Would’ve Heard

If you followed me around this past week or been a Stink Bug on my wall, these are some things you would’ve heard:

1)  “Yes, the rash has been there a few months.” Talking with the doctor about McDaniel’s weird rash on just one leg. 
2)  “How’s your tongue pain today?” Me everyday after school to Ellie.
3)  “No problem, it’s no big deal.” Me talking to a worker guy who just crashed his truck into the front end of my car.

4)  “Yeah, that rash has been there for at least a month.”Talking with the vet about Nigel’s yucky rash all over his belly.
5)  “No, that isn’t the right siding.” Me having to tell the worker guy who just crashed his truck into the front end of my car two hours before. He looked like he was going to cry or I would’ve alleviated the mood by adding, “At least you didn’t just crash into my car!” 
6)  “What do you think?”Asked of anyone who walked through our unfinished addition about non life threatening things like door placement, the position of the island and where in the …

A Lion Named Buster

I had a dream a few weeks ago.

Shocker, I know.
I had a dream that the other Karmen’s family and my family met somewhere for a weekend.

We met somewhere with a big house on lots of land in a rural, area with woods around it.

Because of all the land, we brought our dog, Nigel

and Karmen brought her pet lion named Buster.
That’s right, she had a lion named Buster.

Her lion named Buster and my dog, Nigel, LOVED each other.

Nigel would run SO FAST just to keep up with Buster.
Buster’s mane was so soft. I know this, because he was so docile that he let me touch it.

In my dream.  I’ve never actually touched a lion’s mane.  Or really even had the desire to touch a lion’s mane.
I wasn’t afraid of him. 

He was regal and beautiful like Aslan from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".

Nigel followed him around everywhere.

It was like a snapshot of heaven. 
A little white dog running fearlessly side by side  with the King of the Jungle.
The lion and the lamb. The lion and the lamb.
Then the…

Removing the Tongue Tumor/Eyeball

Ellie made it through surgery just fine last Thursday.

The surgery didn’t take as long as we were told.
Carisa and I didn’t even have time to get through  all the latest “catch-up” in the waiting room.
I was so glad she came because as a seasoned mom of two who have had their wisdom teeth out, she had the presence of mind to video Ellie hopped up on laughing gas while I talked with the surgeon and made a follow-up appointment at the front desk.

The surgeon said the tumor was larger than he expected.
He showed it to us in a little jar.

It looked like an eyeball.

So Ellie had a third eye under her tongue.
That has some potential for a super hero power.
After the surgery, the surgeon told me Ellie was extremely quiet before the procedure and then as soon as the laughing gas kicked in, she got “lots of words”
So many that he had to tell her to be quiet so that he could  put his hands in her mouth and do the surgery. 
Then he had to remind her of that a few more times during the surgery. 

The Last Few Days

I was tempted to title this post “What Happened this Week” and then I realized

it’s only Tuesday.
So it’s only FELT like a week.

Over the weekend, we packed up the entire kitchen. 

Which felt like it took two weeks  rather than two days.
I have WAY more dishes than I thought

and WAY less plastic containers than I thought. 
And I’m pretty sure I need to start over with my  baking sheets and cooking utensils.

The empty kitchen.

Yesterday we got the windows and slider door installed.

It was like, “LET THERE BE LIGHT” had been declared instantly  once the holes were cut out of the barn. 

I love how big the windows are!

Monte forgot that we had packed away all our cooking and dining possessions and brought home steak and broccolini to make for dinner.
He went in the garage and came back with two pans and one steak knife.
So we had to use the steak knife to stir the broccolini and flip the steaks.
And, of course,  to cut ALL the steaks  once they were done.
Ellie tried cutting hers with a plast…