Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Last Few Days

I was tempted to title this post “What Happened this Week” and then I realized

it’s only Tuesday.

So it’s only FELT like a week.

Over the weekend, we packed up the entire kitchen. 

Which felt like it took two weeks 
rather than two days.

I have WAY more dishes than I thought

and WAY less plastic containers than I thought. 

And I’m pretty sure I need to start over with my 
baking sheets and cooking utensils.

The empty kitchen.

Yesterday we got the windows and slider door installed.

It was like, “LET THERE BE LIGHT” had been declared instantly 
once the holes were cut out of the barn. 

I love how big the windows are!

Monte forgot that we had packed away all our cooking and dining possessions and brought home steak and broccolini to make for dinner.

He went in the garage and came back with two pans and one steak knife.

So we had to use the steak knife to stir the broccolini and flip the steaks.

And, of course, 
to cut ALL the steaks 
once they were done.

Ellie tried cutting hers with a plastic knife but it really didn’t go anywhere.

Today, I woke up early to go vote and look for a hot plate at Target.

They don’t have hot plates at Target.

They have electric skillets.

But I’m not sure I want Monte using an electric skillet every morning to make his eggs so then I could haul the electric skillet to the basement to clean in the utility sink.

Because as of a few hours ago, this was where 
our kitchen sink had relocated:

Good thing we don’t live in a subdivision with
a homeowner’s association. They might frown upon
a kitchen sink in the bushes and cabinets in the driveway.
They probably wouldn’t like all the Kroger sacks filled
with Nigel’s poop lying under the lilac tree by the front
walkway either.

There is a fair amount of noise and progress happening up in here.

It’s amazing what a simple sledge hammer can do.

I mean BESIDES make Nigel a shaky nervous mess. 

McDaniel felt like he was nervous eating when he finished her potato soup.

No more barn! It actually looks like part of the house now.

The girls have school off today so we’ve been holed up in our bedrooms while our kitchen is being destroyed and a large pork shoulder is cooking in the crock pot in the dining room for dinner.

My friend Carol, who just went through a kitchen renovation,

told me about crock pot liners (no hauling that bad boy to the utility sink for cleaning!) 

and hot plates.

And to also to adjust my thinking about cooking and eating to “camping” mode.

Let’s hope we can all remain happy campers until this project is finished.

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