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Humbled. In a Grocery Store.

I like to think that I am not easily "thrown".

You know,

thrown into a tizzy,
a fit of rage,
a bad mood.
But in one weekend,

two visits to different grocery stores exposed just how easily I can trade 
my peace,
my mood,
my sanity.
And for very little.
It is not like I witnessed a crime

or a social injustice.
I just got stuck behind a bunch of people in line for a wine tasting at Whole Foods when I was trying to get some soup for my sick Ellie.

I wanted a quick in and out.
But everyone was having a great festive time tasting wine

all pushing empty carts which took up the entire width of 
every aisle I attempted to walk down.

I crashed into the back of one woman who decided to stop pushing her empty cart quite suddenly in the middle of an aisle.

I didn't even say sorry or oops.
I just sighed loudly and
kinda shoved myself off of her.
Not super proud of that.

But that wasn't my worst moment of the weekend. (She said in a very shameful whisper with her head on the t…

Dog Tea

Every year I throw a tea for Carisa (and me)

to celebrate our birthdays.
Hey, it's MY party and I'll throw it if I want to.
I was drawing a big fat blank on ideas this year when my friend Julie came up with a dog theme.


Carisa LOVES dogs.
Like it-is-her-passion-kinda-loves dogs.
She rescues them.
And they rescue her right back.
Oh my goodness, did anyone else hear music  in the background and envision an entire Hallmark movie??
I can just see her driving one of those cute mobile dog grooming trucks with her cartoon picture on the side saying something in one of those conversation bubbles like,

"Hey, y'all, let me cut your dog's hair."
Except WAY more clever than that.
But definitely keeping the y'all part.
Anyhoo…Julie nailed it.

A dog theme was born.
I went to Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of dog collars.

The idea was to add some "bling" and make them into bracelets.

Life happened so the bling adding didn't.
But we kept them in the favor bags a…

Shop Around

The other morning before school McDaniel was playing Captain and Tennille's "Shop Around".

Such a great song to get you going first thing in the morning.
That and coffee.
That song made me think of being young and what if I looked in the mirror as I was getting dressed and I was actually 8 years old again listening to the song on my blue jeans record player in my pink gingham wallpapered room?

Part of that was true--we were listening to it on my blue jeans record player that is now McDaniel's.
But I am very much NOT 8 years old.
I have the forehead wrinkles  and gray hair to prove it.
But still, it got me thinking.
Would I even WANT to be 8 years old again??

Assuming the powers of Hollywood were possible like in the movie "Freaky Friday".

Maybe for like a second.
To have my parents and siblings under one roof again.

To hug my grandparents again.
To go through one more holiday season with the wide-eyed excitement and careless abandon of a kid who has to buy no on…