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Dino Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's sad that the only picture I could find in my photos of Monte and I together was a bad selfie in the dark while it was snowing or this:

Speaking of dinosaurs,

Monte and I rewatched Jurassic World the other night.
I forgot how intense it was!

I had to "go to the bathroom" during one scene  because I couldn't take the suspense.
And I already knew what was going to happen.
That night I dreamed that Monte was bit in half by a dinosaur.
What kind, I'm not sure.
I thought for certain he was a goner but he kept talking.
Talk, talk, talk.
I thought to myself, in my dream, can you survive being bit in half by a dinosaur?
Somehow Monte was offended that I "killed him off" in my dream.
I tried to explain that HE WASN'T DEAD  and still had a lot left to say.
The girls went to a church youth group white elephant party around the holidays.

Ellie came home with a dinosaur chia pet.

Not any real dinosaur, mind you.
The made up one from Ju…