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"The Best Part of the Entire Fort Trip"

We have only seen the sun briefly here in Florida.

So we’ve been taking in the sights, shopping and basically, trying to kill time until the sun decides to make another appearance.
We came to this part of Florida almost 10 years ago when Ellie was still in a car seat.
We had such a good time then even though we took two trips to the hospital, it suddenly dropped to 47 degrees during an evening of putt-putt golf and McDaniel almost lost her big toe nail when she “shoveled” it trying to dig a moat around her sand castle.
But we’ve come to expect those kind of things in our family.
We call them “good times”.
The highlight back then was a visit to the historic fort in the area.
There were people dressed in period costumes and the girls got to help make reindeer shoes in the blacksmith shop.
Yesterday, I decided we should revisit the fort since the day was gray and super windy.
The fort must’ve lost some funding because there was only one guy in costume and very few people touring it.
There …

Out with the Gout

This is a bit over due.

But there was quite a bit of house prep to do and packing for our trip to Florida before I could sit down and type this.

You might remember that Monte missed the last few steps of our stairs and went down hard a few weeks ago.

The next morning he sported a bruise and a jazzy limp.
Well, the next morning he woke up at 2:00 am with an INTENSE pain in the joint of his toe.

Like, I-think-I’ve-been-shot-in-the-toe intense.
He grabbed his pillow and blanket to go downstairs to the living room couch to read or something to take his mind off the searing pain.

I could hear him say “Ow!” on each step.
But he forgot about THE VAPORS of the lingering smell of polyurethane from our hardwood floors being finished.

So back up the stairs he came a few minutes later.
I could STILL hear him say “Ow!” on each step.
In the morning, we investigated his foot.

It was red and swollen and hot.
Weird, since it didn’t look that bad a day after his fall.  Why now?

Ellie decided that Monte’s…

We’ve Got the Vapors

The polyurethane sealer for the wood floor vapors, that is.

It’s stinky in a way that has stages.

When you walk through the front door it’s STRONG.
Then you kinda settle in with it  when the headache starts.
We walked in Sunday evening to find the floor guy just packing up to go home.

The floors looked shiny and wet.

The smell was fresh and INTENSE.
We decided to watch TV upstairs.
Then Monte said something that made us dissolve into tears of laughter that neither one of us could remember the next morning.

We may be minus a few brain cells now.
The next day wasn’t bad at all until the builder called and said to peek behind the plastic covering in the hallway to see that the new wood wasn’t matching with the old wood which wasn’t matching with the original wood in the living room.

Follow that?
So the wood guy had to restain and reseal that area.

Which meant an extra 2 DAYS of stinky.
Stinky but less than before  because it was just a small area.
No vapor-induced giggles.

Some Random Lady’s Blog…

So in the past few days this happened:

1. McDaniel came home from being with friends with a story.

One of her friends explained that her dad very oddly told her to read “some random lady’s blog” the other night. Turns out, the dad was one of the firefighters AT OUR HOUSEthe other Sunday night and he wanted his daughter to know it. I guess he is not allowed to discuss where and what he does on fire runs but because I was the “some random lady’s blog” and made the information public, he was free to discuss it. 
Apparently, he thought Monte trying to pass off as Urban Meyer  was COMPLETE COMIC GOLD.
2. We went to see "McFarland, USA".

It’s fantastic! Great family movie. I love a good sports movie that makes me actually interested in sports I could care less about:  like “Miracle” did for hockey, “Field of Dreams” for baseball  and “Rocky” for the brutal world of boxing.
McFarland is about a high school cross country team in a poor community. But so much more.  I cried big, happy, …

Saving the Decorative Tiles

After it was decided that we were not going to keep the old faux brick archway in the new kitchen,

I wasn’t ready to give up the decorative tiles too.
Call me sentimental, but I actually liked those kooky painted tiles that we inherited with the house.
We found a stack of 5 or 6 of them in the basement when we moved in, almost 16 years ago, and I decided to incorporate them in a back splash underneath our open shelves on the other side of the kitchen.
I wrapped the 5 or 6 tiles in paper towels and shoved them in a grocery sack and went to the big tile store on the other side of town.
I showed the sales lady the tiles in the hopes of matching up a plain tile for the back splash. Instead, she gasped and got the other employees. 
Like, ALL the other employees.
One, tall, skinny man, PUT ON GLOVES to touch and pick up the same decorative tiles that I brought in wrapped in Bounty and shoved in a Kroger sack.
He asked if I had more and I told him I had almost an entire wall of them.
I thought…