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Your List Is On My List

Somehow, I missed summer.

In between too many meetings and waiting for it to get warm already(!?!),
I seemed to have missed it altogether.
Except for our beloved Fripp trip

and Camp Indiana,

it really didn’t even feel like summer at all.
What happened to global warming?
Oh wait.

School started last week and now it’s 90-11 hundred degrees.
So that’s how it’s going to be.
On my first full day of freedom to be in my house on my own (yes!),
I got a call from the dentist that they had a last minute cancellation  and wondered if I wanted to “swing by”.
Dear word, I am not a fan of the dental chair.
Or someone’s fingers in my mouth.
Especially when that someone is wielding a hook thingy  or a high-pitched humming anything.
But I said, “Sure!” because I needed to go to the dentist for a cleaning and it was pouring rain outside and well, that just seemed to fit.
Someone even cued the thunder just as I was  walking into the dentist office.
Not. Funny. 
That afternoon the girls came home with eno…

Ga Leor and Galore

A few weeks ago the girls and I spent a few days in Indiana with my parents.

We like to call that Camp Indiana.
Monte deemed it that when we were first married.

He loves visiting Camp Indiana where sandwiches and milk shakes  just appear without ordering them and time seems to somehow slow down.
I’ll get into more of that later.
We were able to attend church with my parents.

They have a new minister. 
He has an Irish heritage and explained that the word galore is actually from the Irish word ga leor or ga’lore which means plenty or enough. It’s used as the response to “How are you?” 

“Ga leor” meaning, I have plenty. It's enough. 
It was cool the way he said it with the Irish accent.
That’s a bit different than we typically use the word today.

 The dictionary defines the word as “in abundance”. 
If you hear of a sale with “shoes galore” you don’t think of just enough.

You think MORE than enough--shoes piled up in every size and color and style. 
The pastor went on to compare Jesus …