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Treasure Boxes

A lot of life has happened in the last month.

There's no way to explain all of it because there's just too much.
I agreed to teach Sunday School at church this past Sunday weeks ago.

Before Spring Break and before anyone could know my dear friend's mother would pass away.

The days leading up to Sunday were busy with funeral food and details and preparations and standing all day in wedge sandals that pinched my pinkie toes blue.

I was super weary going into that classroom  Sunday morning.
We talked about David and how he wrote so many of the Psalms.

Did you know Moses wrote some too?
Anyway, we talked about how the word Psalm means "book of praises" and how many were written to be sung.
Our youth pastor typed out some of the Psalms for the kids to choose to use to decorate their treasure boxes along with tissue paper, foam sheets, stickers, markers and construction paper.
They could put things on and in their boxes that they want to treasure up. Keep. 

The kids wen…