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The Nesbitt

Back in January Monte announced that he knew what he wanted for his birthday

which is in February.
He briefly explained that he wanted a bracelet for fitness
or something.
What I heard was one of those bands that was supposed to keep you from falling down.
Which I am not even sorry to say is flat out stupid.
After several more explanations that it was not, in fact, a stupid so-you-won’t-fall-down bracelet,
he told me it was called a Fitbit,

which I could never remember,
and felt it was awkward to say,
so I started referring to it as a Nesbitt.

Not that I am AT ALL equating Monte wanting a rubber bracelet with Buzz Lightyear losing his arm, going a bit “bat crazy”, wearing a woman’s hat and calling himself Mrs. Nesbitt after a bit too much Darjeeling tea.
You are supposed to wear this Nesbitt like a watch and it monitors how many 
steps you take, 
calories you burn, 
miles you walk, 
stairs you climb 
and how restful your sleep is.
 Monte would roll over in the middle of the night, 

What Would I Really Wish For?

Today is World Wish Day.

Did you forget too?
I really am not one to make wishes. 
I much prefer to put my hope in things with power, like prayer.
But what would I wish for if I had some sort of "run-in”  with Aladdin’s Genie in a bottle?

Off the top of my head, I’d probably wish that I didn’t eat that enormous dill pickle with lunch yesterday since my fingers became swollen.

And I’d REALLY wish that I didn’t watch “Real Steel” with Monte Sunday night  because I CRIED at the end.
It’s about fighting robots, people!
Clearly, I’m hormonally imbalanced.
I could take a different approach and go all Amy Grant in the song, “Grown Up Christmas List” and wish for war to end and for everyone to have a friend.
I could go Pharrell Williams and wish to be “Happy”.
You know how I love that song.
I could go broad and and wish for good health for my family and friends.
I could wish for a money tree to grow in my backyard right next to my beloved Sycamore so that we could be full-time givers.

I could r…

Table Decorating Ideas for a Women’s Luncheon

Every year our church does a women’s luncheon in the spring where women can sign up to decorate a table.

I love seeing all the different creative table decorations.

This year I did a 50s Diner theme:

I used record albums for chargers and Coke glasses that I already had. I gave each person a Coke to take home in a real glass bottle. Just like my grandfather had delivered to his house by the case each month.

In fact, that yellow wooden Coca-Cola crate is one of the crates the Cokes were delivered in. I use it on a small table top as an end table in my den.

I painted CDs with chalkboard paint and used chalkboard markers to color in the center of the “records” and write “The Diner”.

I borrowed a big parfait looking vase from Sumita and filled the bottom with turquoise gum balls I found at Target.

I made the top of the float out of a Styrofoam ball with fake carnations stuck in.  I added a red rose to look like the cherry on top. And of course a paper straw.

I used my Waffle House mugs too…

Wordless Wednesday

I Want Candy…?!


Right after Easter?

Did you know that TODAY is National Jelly Bean Day??
I think that means I should be getting a big bag for free  since I MUST be their product’s biggest supporter  (except for the past few months when I took a break-- which probably showed up in a dip in sales).
The knowledge that it is National Jelly Bean Day has inspired me to write about my favorite candies.

 I know how deeply you must care about my candy desires.
My Top 10 Favorite Candies
1. Jelly Beans. Duh. But they must be your run of the mill jelly beans. Not jelly bellies or gourmet or tropical flavors or Jolly Rancher brand. Just jelly beans. I eat only 3 colors and in this order:  white, pink and then purple. [See picture above]. Monte only eats the green, yellow and orange. So we never fight over beans (and that would be a completely justifiable fight.) But we do always end up with a bowl of black and red beans to toss. 
2.  Candy Corn. It is always a happy day when I see the first bag of candy corn b…