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May is a Marathon

May is a marathon.

Long with constant movement.

But instead of running we are

filling out forms,  going to concerts  and banquets  and graduation parties  and meetings  and filling out more forms  and wrapping up projects that require  supplies we don’t currently possess and presentations  and buying gifts and signing up for summer camps  which means filling out more forms and writing checks  and “I need a new dress for the blah-blah.”  and “Wait. I need new shoes for the blah-blah-blah-blah.”  and “Hey, we are out of toothpaste!” and “No, I am not putting one more cent into your lunch account! Make your own lunch!!!” and “Hey, did you email so and so about that thingy-thing?” and more meetings and “My throat is sore.” and “You CAN NOT miss school when there are only 5 days left and you have a presentation due!” and “Did you return my library book that is over due?” and “Did you FIND your library book that is over due?!" and the wrench light came on in the car and the last time the wrench light came on in…

Things Too Wonderful For Me to Know

Just this morning in Sarah Young’s, “Jesus Today” I read:

“You must leave room for mystery in your worldview--accepting  the limitations of your understanding and knowledge.”
She finishes this thought by referring to Job:
“Though Job faltered at times during his excruciating ordeal, at the end of it he confessed, 'Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.' Likewise, I urge you to view matters you cannot understand as divine mysteries:  things too wonderful for you to know.”
This made me stop this morning. 
Something about that word “accept”. 
We are being jammed near full of things we are  supposed to “accept” as deemed appropriate  by society. 
Grown men and woman scream about it on TV every. single. day.
There is no leaving room for mystery in their worldview. 
They want to know it all so therefore they proclaim that they do.
Wouldn’t it be so much better for ALL OF US if they just said, 
“I don’t know,” 
every now and then?
It would be a…

Write On

Chris over at Mom Cafe tagged me in this series of questions that has been circulating around the blogosphere.

Why do I write what I do?

I write what I would talk to you about if we talked on the phone, lunched together or ran into each at the grocery store. It’s the stuff I find funny or odd or interesting or inspiring or challenging. It’s what I’m learning in bible study or my morning devotions or what I saw while I drove to your house.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I tend to find the funny in most every situation (sometimes not until AFTER the situation) and write about that. I like stories. Hearing them and telling them. There are some pretty awesome writers in this genre so if someone is reminded of even part of one of them when they read my work, well, then, AWESOME.

How does my writing process work?

Process??? Actually, I take notes of funny things I see or funny things I hear on my iPhone. When I am ready to write, I look through it. It’s no outline. I find an…

Mother’s Day In Pictures

My Mother’s Day started with breakfast in bed and a lovely iPad “Presentation In Pictures” from the girls:

I do not remember this picture being taken. It is obviously from years ago because this is New Year’s Day and look at me NOT wearing a coat. 

This I remember taking on New Year’s eve. 
Nice pout face, Ellie.

Can you tell the girls love the Back to the Future movies?

I LOVE this!!!

Oh my goodness, this is great! 
This is the picture of McDaniel’s climbing wall cleat burn on her belly from the brand spanking new playground that my dad built the girls when Ellie was just born.
And yes, McDaniel used a permanent marker so it is still on her belly.

I just loved this gift!!!
And I got a note with a drawing of a pair of rain boots that I can order since apparently there are none left in the city. Something about the torrential rains we’ve been having and the fact that it is Spring.

We picked up Monte’s mom and went to church and then our favorite brunch spot for Mother’s Day.

This plac…

You Made WHAT for Dinner?!

I have been in a bit of a dinner slump.

There’s just so many ways you can make chicken.
So last week, after a highly critiqued, uninspired meal,

I came up with the brilliant plan that the girls would have a night  where they were in charge of making dinner.

They have cooked with me before and know how to read a recipe  but they’ve never done this on any regular basis. 
And what better way to equip them to be wives and mothers  than making them come up with a dinner plan after they have been in school all day, are tired, uninterested in feeding  anyone, anything at anytime?
Can I get an AMEN?
McDaniel and Ellie immediately took to the idea and then began to squabble about what to make and who would be in charge of what.

So just like magic, one night became two so they each could be totally in charge of cooking dinner.

I’m quite the magician.
Ellie’s night came first and involved chicken breasts sauteed in butter in the skillet with all kinds of seasonings like onion powder, g…

10 Tourist Attractions I Have Seen

In honor of National Tourist Appreciation Day,

(and who doesn’t appreciate a tourist?)
I am writing about the attractions I have seen.
I certainly am a lover of “off the beaten path” types of places and am just thrilled by the sight of things like the world’s largest purple spoon.

 Or the town in Alabama voted 83rd (out of 100) best places to live in the U.S of A. 
To my delight, they hung a flag in honor of this distinction.

But I am also drawn to the things that draw in all tourists, which is why things are called attractions after all.
So here they are: 
10 Tourist Attractions I Have Seen:
1) The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Monte and I went to Paris before we started a family. It was wonderful and we certainly saw many tourist attractions. Since I am afraid of heights, I did not go up into the tower. There was a restaurant somewhere up there and Monte really tried to persuade me to go. I had no interest. I have no regrets about that.

2) Notre Dame in Paris.

It was dark and so dreary insid…