Thursday, May 15, 2014

Write On

Chris over at Mom Cafe tagged me in this series of questions that has been circulating around the blogosphere.

Why do I write what I do?

I write what I would talk to you about if we talked on the phone, lunched together or ran into each at the grocery store. It’s the stuff I find funny or odd or interesting or inspiring or challenging. It’s what I’m learning in bible study or my morning devotions or what I saw while I drove to your house.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I tend to find the funny in most every situation (sometimes not until AFTER the situation) and write about that. I like stories. Hearing them and telling them. There are some pretty awesome writers in this genre so if someone is reminded of even part of one of them when they read my work, well, then, AWESOME.

No story here.

How does my writing process work?

Process??? Actually, I take notes of funny things I see or funny things I hear on my iPhone. When I am ready to write, I look through it. It’s no outline. I find an outline kills my conversational style. And a little bit of my soul. Like one of my writing professors in college more or less said, “You are very good at stream of conscious writing about nothing.”

I’ll take it.

I also look through my most recent photos to see if there is anything blogworthy there.

I just looked through my pictures and realized that
we’ve never discussed this.  And I need to discuss this.
I really do.  Stay tuned.

For the most part, it is obvious what I’m going to write about. I rarely sit at the computer at a loss for anything to say.  I don’t blog if that is the case. People give me ideas all the time too. One of McDaniel’s friends let me know that she is okay with me blogging about her:  hint, hint, wink, wink. Just yesterday I texted my girlfriend, Andrea, the bizarre dream I had involving her:

I was at her house in Atlanta and we were ALL in her bed supposedly asleep. Her husband, her, me and her two boys. Because THAT isn’t weird. But it was. I was lying there thinking JUST how weird it was, planning on “slipping out” when Andrea turns to me and says, “Do you want a frozen daiquiri?” To which I respond, “Like at Ruby Tuesday?” 

[I find this VERY interesting since I have absolutely NO CLUE if Ruby Tuesday even serves frozen daiquiris and can you imagine what they would cost?! This said from the woman married to the man who feels restaurants ROB US of money for the price of soda and ice tea with a meal. He reminds us before every meal out that we are to order water--JUST water.]

And she says, “Sure". Then her husband rolls over and says they have NONE of the ingredients for a frozen daiquiri to which Andrea says that isn’t a problem because she will borrow them from a neighbor. Her husband says, “At THIS hour?!” We all look at the digital clock on the nightstand and it is 9:30 pm. 


Then we are in her hallway and I notice the walls are lined with hundreds of trophies for the boys. Andrea goes OFF about how they give out trophies for little to nothing anymore and may or may not have said, “Back in our day” once or twice. 

My girlfriend responded to my text of this dream with a suggestion to blog about it.

So I just did. 


See what I just did there?

What am I working on?

Life. I am part of the beginning stages of a party planning business.

This was a tea bag cookie for a surprise tea birthday
party we just did for a girlfriend. You will be
hearing more about that soon.

I am trying to sit down long enough to figure out what’s next with the writing. Many sweet supportive people have asked me when I’m going to write a book. I am trying to come up with a good answer. Or at least get business cards. In the mean time, I will continue doing this while the countdown to summer is ON!

Now I am tagging Mindy at Dandelion Diary to answer the same questions about her writing process. I am very curious. I love how she writes.


  1. That dream, so great! LOL. I agree with Monte on the restaurant beverages. I typically will order water. My husband likes to order a beer once in awhile. I raise an eyebrow every time. He could buy a whole SIX beers at the store for that one restaurant beer!!!!! So not worth it. If you get some business cards done you should look at They have some really nice styles. I just ordered some. I will let you know how they turn out.

    1. Karmen,

      You and Monte would really get along! Ha! I just went on the vintage typewriter business cards!

  2. I had a bizarre dream last night myself...

    I am like you, I can't do outlines. It kills my ability to write. Fun to look inside your head for a minute. :)

    1. Lara,

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates outlines! Thanks for reading.

  3. Restaurant are making a killing off of beverages, 90 percent of the time I just order water.

    It was great getting to know about how you find ideas to blog about.

  4. ALL of this Karmen!!!! And all I keep thinking is I can't WAIT to have the REAL you sharing stuff like THIS with me IN PERSON!!!

    I have said this before, and I will say it again...

    There is NO ONE who writes like you. NO ONE compares. The way you articulate thoughts, dreams (wow), faith and funny is totally a one woman show. Always engaging, inspiring, hilarious, thought provoking. You are the TOTAL package, my friend. Mwuah!

    1. Chris,

      You are too sweet! Just the best encourager at ALL TIMES! And that pic of you on Facebook with jelly beans up your nose?! You had me earlier, but that sealed the deal!! Hahahaha!

  5. Outlines? Ugh! I hated when it was required in a writing class to submit one before beginning the writing assignment! Killer of all things creative IMO! Loved getting to know more about you Karmen :-) And that dream? I really need to visit Ruby Tuesday soon lol! I'll think of you for sure!!

    1. Kathe,

      I’m SO GLAD so many other writers feel the same about outlines! I’m not even sure I’ve seen a Ruby Tuesday around lately. Let me know if you find one! My dream could’ve been prophetic…you never know.

  6. Love this! No one needs to be cookie-cutter. Be YOU!

    1. Stacey,

      Thanks--nice mantra!


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