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Adventures On Rainy Days Part 2

Okay, back to our rainy day adventures.

I last left you at the African Safari when we were feeding the giraffes and zebras.

They concluded the drive-through portion of the safari.
We parked so that we could enjoy the walk-through portion of the safari AND the pig races.
Our car looked like this:

That is a LOT of buffalo slobber.
We noticed an area where you could vacuum all the stray pieces of feed from your car.
But no car wash. 
It is a lengthy mental list with items we've never put into action
like:  "Open a Waffle House down the road from our house."

We walked around the zoo-like portion of the safari ever so briefly because the pig races were set to start 
and there were only 3 shows a day 
and we were NOT missing them.

Check out the names of the pig racers in the photo below underneath the START sign:

 They are:

Pig Daddy Mario Spamdrett…

Things I Am Thankful For Right Now

Don't worry, I will continue my story about our adventures on rainy days

you seriously won't want to miss the part  about the pig races  or the monkeys
but I wanted to pause to share what I am so thankful for right now.

1)The sun!!! Thank you Lord that we woke up to some good ol' sunshine this morning!!  I seriously pursued Pinterest the other day for ideas for some sort of sunshine wreath  or door decoration so as to welcome the sun back in case we made it mad or something.
Still might do it.

2) Cooler weather and no humidity!! We slept with the windows open last night and I had to wear a fleece this morning  when I decided to do my bible study homework outside.

Actually, I took this picture because there was a little white butterfly that landed just below my shoulder. But of course, you can't really take a picture of your own just-below-your-shoulder.
A huge fat bumble bee landed right on the scripture I was reading right before the butterfly landed on me. It was the part…

Adventures on Rainy Days

Once upon a time there was a trip to Alaska that didn't happen.

So a last minute trip to Lake Erie did.
But it rained
and rained
We saw the sun maybe twice in very brief moments before nightfall.
So our plans to enjoy Lake Erie and the pool were thwarted.
And the ability to leave early were thwarted by a ridiculous fee

that left us stuck with the mindset 
that we were going to make the most of this adventure.
So we ate

Our view from the lobby our ENTIRE first day at the park.
We read and played games until Monte decided that he was going to eat the funnel fries from the snack bar until he got sick.

They loved them!
Like ordered them everyday after that loved them.

We snuck in activities in between the rain.
Like our morning hike through a mostly dead forest.

When I pointed out a bug on McDaniel's knee  she freaked out wildly  and accidentally punched herself in the crotch.
I handled it poorly
and fell to my knees in laughter.
Then it started to rain.
We also played Walle…