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Hurt Stories

Isn't it just baffling when someone hurts us? The pain feels so unique so completely only for us that we buy the lie that no one will understand. That NO ONE has ever gone through this before. That you are crazy for experiencing this offense when

not a single human being on the planet has ever experienced it before you.
And then we hear someone share their own hurt story and we can't believe it! It's the same! They understand! You aren't crazy after all! There is such relief in knowing that someone has done this before, that someone walked the path you are on and lived to tell about it. Our own Pain Pioneer, if you will.

Does that mean we have an obligation to share our own hurt stories?

I struggle with that.

Especially when the hurt story involves characters that I love and have loved. That I trust and have trusted but some that I just
don't  trust anymore. 
I struggle with the ouchiness of declaring out loud that which was so hard to admit to myself, al…