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Men In Lawnchairs

Where I last left you, it was the 4th of July parade in our hometown.

It has been a tradition that roughly the same people gather at the same corner to watch the parade each year.
Monte always sits near a friend, Kevin, so they can swap jokes and comments about the floats, politics and current events.
It’s a tradition that all the high school class reunions happen over the 4th of July holiday. Each class reunion has a float in the parade for the classmates to ride on.
Monte and Kevin LOVE to yell out just how old  the people on the float are.

I think one year, they got the age wrong  and were quickly corrected.
No one thinks Monte and Kevin are funnier than Monte and Kevin.
They are amusing, I’ll give them that.
Last year, when we were packing up the chairs after the parade was over, they mentioned making a podcast of their parade commentary. 
We all laughed and left it at that.
A week or so before the 4th,  Kevin contacted Monte about “going official” with their from-the-sidelines comme…

The Epicness of 4th of July

4th of July in our town is epic.

I have an entire box of decorations and dishes.

We each have a red, white and blue wardrobe that we add to continuously. 

McDaniel babysits a girl on our street.

They came over last week and I could tell they were bored so I gave them paint and brushes and told them to touch up the stars on our driveway.

I came outside to find this:

They decided to paint an entire flag in our driveway!

I talked them into making it smaller than they had originally planned.

They signed their work.

Around here, the 4th of July isn’t just about fireworks.

There are the fireworks downtown called Red, White and Boom that is always earlier than the 4th and kicks off the season.

There is our block party that is always the evening of the 3rd.

There are breakfast gatherings BEFORE the parade the morning of the 4th.

And then the parade, which starts at 9:00 am. 
And after the parade lunch cookouts  and before the fireworks dinner cookouts  and then the fireworks.

Since most of the …