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Once Upon a Happy Halloween

Day #31

Our town did Trick or Treating Thursday night.

Something about high school football and weekend hooligans.
It was COLD.
We dress up as a family every year for Halloween.
This year we were three princesses and Prince Charming.
We didn’t even think about how the little kids on our street would react when they saw us.

Oh my goodness!
I think only the year we were Santa Claus,  Mrs. Claus, an elf and Rudolf  did we get more attention.

We go to a neighborhood Spooky Supper every year before Trick or Treating.

The little kids playing in the yard STOPPED when they saw us walk up.
They ran up to us.
One adorable little girl asked to get a picture taken with us.
I guess she asked her parents if we were the REAL princesses and her dad said,
“No! It’s just the Hartranfts!”
I feel like there should be a "ba da bing ching”  inserted right here.
That same little girl followed us around and complimented EVERY SINGLE part of our outfits. She made us feel, for a tiny second, what it would be li…

Pumpkin Emojis

Day #30

Because we’d been out of town and consumed with the middle school musical, we waited until Monday to get our pumpkins.

And we had to wait until the rain stopped Wednesday night after dinner before carving them.
Ellie had the fun idea of us all picking an emoji to carve into our pumpkins.

I decided to pick something simple:

Here’s my pumpkin version.

All lit up.

Ellie decided to go with the sly faced emoji:

It took her a long time but it turned out great!

McDaniel went with a whale emoji.

She was sick and we offered to carve her pumpkin for her but she wanted to give it a go.

The whale emoji:

It kind of got lost in translation. 

Monte decided RIGHT AWAY to do the smiley face poo emoji.

Against my wishes,  begs  and total judgement.

For the love of Pete.

I’m happy that it looks more like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

Am I right?
Monte felt the need to get affirmation on his pumpkin emoji choice, 
mainly because of my total disdain.
I overheard him talking to some of …