Thursday, October 15, 2015

What If?

Day #15

What if…

…you didn't let the feelings of "don't want to" or "just can't" allow you 
to miss something God has in store for you?

…you didn't humanize God and keep him so small you can't comprehend his love, mercy and grace?

…you didn't make God like YOU? 
prone to anger, 
and arrogant. 

an enabler, 
tolerant of evil, 
lover of the earth over people, 
animals over neighbors, 
fairness over truth?

…you didn't let intelligence dumb down your absolute dependence on a saviour?

…you didn't let self-discipline and legalism whisper superiority in your ear?

…you didn't let your sins become the idol that tricks you right out of eternity?

…you didn't scoff at simple beauty, blind faith and security in a love that is waiting
 right. there. for. you?

…you just widely uncrossed the arms in front of you?

…you allowed people who care about you to lavish you with love?

…you just received love?

…you didn't blame anyone else for the way you are feeling right now but you?

…you allowed yourself to believe that you are worthy, you are cherished and you are loved?

…you gave all your excuses to God to work out?

…you gave all your fears to God to dispel?

…you gave all your "what ifs" to Him?

What if…?


  1. Great post! So true, we often just fall in the "what if" trap...even though HE already has all the answers! Thanks for this reminder!

  2. I'm striving every day to give all my cares to God. It's a tough one! Very good post and I needed to hear this today!


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