Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Book Page Mirror

Day #6

We have an adorable little shop in an old house close to us called DeMar’s.

It’s filled with vintage furniture, housewares, dishes and knick knacks as well as handmade decor, jewelry and a whole local line of lotions, sprays and scrubs.

I love their facial moisturizer.

A mirror caught my eye one time I was visiting.

It was covered with little bits of folded book pages.

It was amazing!

But at $45, I instantly thought,

“I can make that!"

I studied it and went back in a few more times to study it some more before I attempted to make the mirror myself.

Surprisingly, I could not find a single 
Pinterest example of a mirror like it!

Not a tutorial or even a failed attempt.

I was on my own.

I had this old gold mirror that hung in our entry way that I had covered with sea shells.

We took everything off the walls to have them painted last March and a few of the shells fell off.

I decided I was over the shell mirror.

I popped the rest of the shells off and painted the gold mirror white to give this book page mirror a try.

I used my paper cutter to cut up the pages from three different books chosen for their different paper shades and type size.

I folded each strip of paper in half then in half again, hot gluing them closed.

I hot glued each folded piece of book page to the mirror randomly to make it look nice and full.

I have to be honest, this project took a sweet forever.

Mainly because we kept having people over and I kept having to set the project aside.

I thought I was done, FINALLY, when I realized I hadn’t glued book pages to the INSIDE of the frame. You could see the white paint and it bothered me.

I had to cut more narrow pieces of book pages for that area and relative to the whole project, it didn’t take that long to finish.

I’m so glad I finished off the inside trim.

The best part of this project?

It cost me $0!

I had the frame, 
the white paint 
and the old books.

Maybe with all the money I saved, we can FINALLY get rid of our old front door.

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