Friday, October 16, 2015

Sometimes We Just Can’t Hear It

Day #16

A while back,  Ellie and I had a few hours to entertain ourselves while McDaniel had a scheduled appointment.

I told Ellie to pack a “fun bag” with some things to pass the time away as we waited.

We started with an extreme dot-to-dot book that was as addicting as it was intense.

Over 400 and some dots later,

a Stegasaurus appeared.

Then we played a round of Spot It where Ellie beat me by a ridiculous amount.

I may have still been a bit cross-eyed from the extreme dot-to-dot.

I suggested Charades next.

We decided to act out movie titles.

The game got a bit intense when I could not 
figure out “Captain America”.

I got the Captain part but could not, no matter Ellie’s frantic actions, get the America part.

I could only think of Captain Hook and I may or may not have even said Captain Morgan

not that I can recall that ever being a movie title.

I didn’t realize how raucous we were getting until we looked up to see McDaniel who said simply,

“Captain America! The answer is Captain America! 
I could tell that from the other room!”

Sometimes we just can’t hear it, can we?

I know there is a whole sermon in this.

Just not today.

Like that time years ago, on the first day of summer and we were signing McDaniel up for the library’s summer reading program.

It was an Eqyptian theme with a border up on the wall in hieroglyphics that acted as a secret code for the kids to decipher.

McDaniel carefully deciphered each word.

When she finished the letters b-o-o-k, she became stumped.

“What’s a book?”

But she said it like kook.

“Mom, what is a BOOK?!”

Other kids,


 looked at her puzzled.

Finally, our neighbor, Claire, who was with us, explained that a “book" was a book and that we were, in fact, in a library.

And that was the day “book” said like kook became an inside joke.

I found this post-it on the wall by the refrigerator a few weeks ago.


But it’s still funny!

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