Saturday, October 17, 2015


Day #17

Our youth pastor preached a sermon last summer that I never forgot.

Before his sermon he mentioned that he always found it curious that we celebrate the day our founding fathers SIGNED the Declaration of Independence and not the day we actually WON independence.

That would’ve meant fireworks in September to celebrate the Treaty of Paris.

I never thought about that.

Our fore fathers DECLARED independence before the first shots of the Revolutionary War sounded.

They were signing their names and dating a DECLARATION that they truly had NO IDEA would ever be true.

But they declared it.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Every year when we gather to watch parades and fireworks,

we do it on the anniversary of a DECLARATION, not a victory.

That’s amazing hope.

That’s faith.

I just read the Declaration of Independence and it is basically a list of grievances against the king.

A public list of “We aren't taking this anymore!”

I can see that writing it all down,

declaring it, 

was an important step in “making it so”.

Like thanking God in advance for what we KNOW He is going to do.

Which is always what is best for us.

The framers of our country boldly announced our independence from England

not knowing anything else but

the hope of freedom,

the faith in freedom.

Not the how 
or where 
or when.


What if we borrowed from the framers of our country in our walk with the Lord?

What if we boldly DECLARED the promises of God even if we don’t feel the freedom of them right at that moment?

What if we ANNOUNCED our TOTAL FAITH in our all-knowing, all-powerful, omni-present God and then boldly lived our life like we meant it?

Now that is worthy of some fireworks.

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