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The One About the Rabid Raccoon…

Once upon a time my friend Shannon went to church.

Her daughter didn’t feel well and her husband was tackling some house projects.
As Shannon was singing along in worship, she noticed her neighbor was calling her.

She texted her back stating she was in church and then turned her phone off.
Shannon felt a peace and intention about being at church.

Like she was supposed to be there.
And not in a legalistic sense.
As she was driving down her street after the service, she noticed two cop cars in front of her house.

Her neighbor, baby stroller in tow, was in her front yard.

As Shannon approached him he said,

“Well, it’s over now.”
Not. Comforting. Or even remotely explanatory.
I’m not sure if I have all this completely straight and in the right order, 
but at some point Shannon ran inside to find her daughter pretty shaken up saying,
“Six times! They shot it six times!”
It’s important to mention also that they have  a brand new puppy named Rowan.
Shannon was able to locate Rowan with her daughter…

My Favorite Online Workouts

I am not a good gym goer.

I get bored.
And I’m not super patient with waiting for a machine,  a class to start  or for the super sweaty guy to hurry up and wipe off the bench.
For the love of Pete.
I’ve always been better at working out at home but after our basement flood last spring,

Monte asked that my exercise bike not come back in from the garage.
I loved that bike!
I knew I had to come up with a different exercise plan.
My brother told me that he’s been successful finding workouts online.

So I started an exercise board on Pinterest and downloaded (Ellie did it for me) some exercise apps onto my Apple TV and subscribed to a channel on YouTube.

I’ve been very happy with the variety I’ve found.

I can do something new every time if I want.

Whenever I want.
With no wait and no sweaty guys.
I did not get the benefits of a Smart TV when Monte was researching, shopping and explaining them to me.
I just nodded and looked interested.
But what I heard was:  Complicated. Expensive. T…

5 Random Things

I can not believe it’s April already!

Mainly because it’s been cold and snowing.

We had the most amazing Easter weather and then BOOM!

Arctic blast.

Monte sent me a text that pretty much said something like April Snow = Relocation.
That man cannot wait to migrate South.
Now that I’ve complained about the weather, here are a few random things that have happened lately:
1)  Our Keurig coffee maker died. 
It didn’t go out quietly. There was lots of coughing and hacking and spewing. It would stop and I thought it was over and then it would trick me and make a few more cups. 
We had the very first model Keurig ever made. 
Ellie asked for it for Christmas 6 or 7 years ago.
She was still in elementary school.
We had been out West the summer before and one of the national park lodges we stayed in didn’t have televisions in the room but they had Keurigs. 
Ellie was fascinated with it. She’d take our orders the night before on a notepad and asked Monte to set the alarm so she could wake up early …

Alexander Hamilton On the Brain

Back in the Fall, we watched a 60 Minutes interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda about his new Broadway musical “Hamilton”.

As in Alexander Hamilton.
The guy on the $10 bill.
Lin-Manuel picked up a copy of an Alexander Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow several years ago before vacation.
He could not believe Hamilton’s story. He was so enthralled by it that he wanted to bring it to the stage.
Lin-Manuel actually Googled Alexander Hamilton FOR SURE that someone had already done a Broadway musical on him.
He was THAT memorized by the story.
As it turns out, no one had thought to take that to the stage.
So he wrote it.

Did I mention the musical is done in the style of rap and hip hop?
It’s so popular that it’s been sold out for many months.
Monte tried to get us tickets when we were in New York in November and he got laughed at.
McDaniel just got back from New York with her school and she entered a lottery every day to try to get tickets.
Never won.
Lin-Manuel’s enthusiasm and fascination with …