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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

This week has been a doozy.

Part of it SO FUN as we celebrated Julie’s birthday, one of my party planning business partners.
We threw her a Barbie-themed party. More on that later.
And somewhere in the middle of all that, I trashed my neck.
Let me start by confirming that the old saying my parents repeated over and over to me,
“Nothing good happens after midnight,”
is true.
Monte was out of town.
McDaniel was at a bible study event that ran late and it was raining and her phone was in someone’s car and I couldn’t get in contact with her and I was worried and mad and tired
and clearly not in the right frame of mind to be reading anything on the internet.
It wasn’t midnight, mind you,  but close enough in my world for crazy things  like putting Frankincense essential oil on a mole on my neck  to reduce its appearance to sound like a pretty darn good idea.
There was even convincing before and after pictures.
And I’ve always hated that mole, mind you. 
Remember, Monte wasn’t here to wa…

Sunday Nights in the 70s

Saturday morning I read a great blog post by Motherhood & Muffin Tops that mentioned Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

Do you remember that show?

It was a safari type animal show with an old guy, Marlin Perkins, who always seemed to be in the studio office while his younger side kick was always on the scene in the bush somewhere right in the path of an angry hungry hippo, tiger, lion or bear.

I remember the narrator’s soft, calming voice describing the beauty of the serene gazelle.

This is the part where I hid my eyes because anyone who watched Wild Kingdom knew that the calmer the narrator’s voice  and the more beautiful the description of the serene animal,  the closer they were to a brutal end.
There was always some tiger hiding behind a bush that would  pounce suddenly and drag the gazelle off to munch on.
I talked about this with Monte and we had the same memories of the show so he decided to bring up a You Tube video to share the fun and death that was Wild Kingdom with Ellie.

It …

The Story about the Hot Dog, Wedding Rings, Blood Blister and the Letter “J”

It started two nights ago.

As I was walking upstairs to go to bed,

I started to drop one of the sandals I was carrying.
In my not-so-smooth attempt to keep hold of my sandal,

I rammed my ring finger into the riser part of the stair so hard that I was sure it was broken.

The stair first.
Then my finger.

The whole incident scared the dog into McDaniel’s room.
The loud crack of wood and bone  and then my wounded animal howl.
My ring finger,

the one that sports my WEDDING RINGS
felt all hot and heart-beatish.
Somehow I had the presence of mind to remove my rings,
which is not usually how I do things.
My stories usually start with,
“I wish I had thought to…”
“It didn’t occur to me until later that…”
So, I’d like a little credit here
and soft applause.

Especially since clapping makes me feel 
a little nauseous with pain right now.
When I woke up yesterday,
my finger was the size of a hot dog,
if a hot dog had blueberry filling,
and a knuckle.
For some unknown reason I tried to put my rings ba…

Our Beautiful Thing

I went to see the movie “Moms Night Out” again with a group of friends.

I was able to pick up different things in the movie this time.

There is a part of the movie where two characters are just fascinated with a live web cam of a momma eagle feeding her babies in the nest.

The women didn’t know why they were so captivated by it.
Not to give anything away, but it is later revealed that the momma eagle was simply doing JUST what God created it to do.

And that is a beautiful thing.
I think we can all relate to the fact that we want to know what it is that WE were created to do.

Our beautiful thing.

And we make it far too complicated.
I have been featured over at The Mom Cafe today  so click here to read more.

A Blast From the Past (Literally)

While talking with some friends last night,

my friend Jill mentioned she had a CPR class scheduled early this morning.
I was FLOODED with memories of Resusci-Annie being brought into our classroom in elementary school.
Do you remember Resusci-Annie?
Smart blue jogging suit, 
white Keds,
messy blonde hair,
breath that smelled strongly of rubbing alcohol.

Ringing any bells?
Resusci-Annie came to our elementary school as part of the BAT (Basic Aid Training) program through the American Red Cross.

I remember mom volunteers teaching us how to keep our cool as we took turns practicing calling our local emergency numbers on one of those old-fashioned high-cradle phones with a mouth piece that weighed seriously 8 pounds.
This was all pre-9-1-1, people.
I remember taking home a BAT sticker with our local fire, police and poison control phone numbers on it and putting it on our Harvest Gold rotary wall phone with the cord that could stretch all the way into my bedroom almost.
We also learned about wa…

Brain-Fried, Mooing and Zombies (Or in Other Words, Our Drive to School this Morning)

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.
Tomorrow is the last day 
of school!

She said over and over in a corner 
rocking back and forth 
sucking her thumb.
And if the number of emails between me and the school are any indication, it seems as if we are going out with a bang.
Or a boom.
Or a thud.
Needless to say, we are all a bit on edge here.
A bit emotional
with a teence bit of exhaustion

and slap happy fried brain thrown in.
On the way to the high school this morning to take McDaniel to her second day of finals,
we passed the university dairy farm.
There was a herd of beautiful cows close to the road.

McDaniel started mooing loudly to them like she did when she was still in a car seat and not almost ready to drive herself.
Not the kind of intelligent confidence  you want your child to give you  walking into day 2 of finals.
Like I said, 
we are all a bit fried right now.
As I turned the corner to head to the middle school to drop off Ellie, we noticed a "…