Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Brain-Fried, Mooing and Zombies (Or in Other Words, Our Drive to School this Morning)

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

Picture of chalkboard door

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

Tomorrow is the last day 
of school!

She said over and over in a corner 
rocking back and forth 
sucking her thumb.

And if the number of emails between me and the school are any indication, it seems as if we are going out with a bang.

Or a boom.

Or a thud.

Needless to say, we are all a bit on edge here.

A bit emotional

with a teence bit of exhaustion

Ellie in the hammock exhausted
Ellie brain-fried on the hammock after
school yesterday.

and slap happy fried brain thrown in.

On the way to the high school this morning to take McDaniel to her second day of finals,

we passed the university dairy farm.

There was a herd of beautiful cows close to the road.

Cows in a field

McDaniel started mooing loudly to them like she did when she was still in a car seat and not almost ready to drive herself.

Not the kind of intelligent confidence 
you want your child to give you 
walking into day 2 of finals.

Like I said, 

we are all a bit fried right now.

As I turned the corner to head to the middle school to drop off Ellie, we noticed a "sort of display" set up in the front yard of a house along the way.

It was a bunch of scarecrow like “kids” dressed like cheerleaders and athletes 

but instead of faces they had blown up black and white close-up photos of kids taped to the front.

It must have been some sort of graduation tribute.

I’m not sure if it was the nature of the droopy stuffing in which the “kids” were made of or the hard rains we’ve been having 

but the whole display looked like a scene from the Walking Dead. 

Zombies in yard
Can you hear the creepy music?

A yard full of zombies.

One of the “kids” was propped up to be in a hand stand position with a rope attached to its feet and a tree branch.

Ellie said,

“Mom! One of the zombies is being hanged!

Like they weren’t already “undead”. 

Another view of zombies in a yard

Some of the ink from the photo faces had bled adding to the overall creepy effect.

Congrats Class of 2014!

May your future be way more “lively" than this yard display!

But doesn’t that just sum up the whole school year?

We start out enthusiastic and energetic,

full of hope.

 I’m sure just like this “kid” display was meant to be.

But then, the year just wears us down

with rains and burdens.

And soon we’re just a creepy display of zombies 
with smeared faces in the front of someone’s lawn.

But tomorrow is the last day of school.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.


Happy Summer!


  1. YAY last day of school~ We have two more weeks left and an IEP meeting to still attend. The 18th will be a very happy day for me. =)

    1. Whoa! 2 more weeks?! Praying for you because I don’t have the strength!

  2. Well I have to say, that yard full of zombies may not have been such a great graduation "tribute" but it sure made for a great blog post. :) Hope you and yours have an awesome summer!

    1. Angel,
      It’s pouring rain right now and isn’t it sad that I really want to drive by the zombie yard to see what condition they are in?! You have a good summer too! Thanks!

  3. Love the way you wrote this. And weird as it is, love the zombie kids. :)

    1. Thank you! And it isn’t weird at all!

  4. OHMYGOSH what on EARTH is that???? I cannot believe how creepy that yard looks!!! And what's with the hanging zombie? WOW.

    I love how you described the end of the year- SO true!! And then we slide crashing into summer without a hint of refuge or recovery. At least that's how it rolls over here. Camp and swim team and travels and still trying to put the house back together and sift through all the year's school 'stuff'.... seasons seem to blur together these days.

    YAY for your last day of school with the girls!! Another year DONE.

    1. Yes, our summer is shaping up to be be busy but at least there won’t be homework!! YAY!!

  5. May your summer refresh you and yours so that you can return to normalcy in the fall...for a few months...

  6. The zombie kids look cool.

  7. Phew! We still have 2 weeks of school left, but I totally feel what you mean about being exhausted by the time it is all over!

  8. Happy last day of school and welcome summer rest, relaxation (and PLEASE a few trips to blog about...) for you all! We have a nephew graduating tomorrow (thank the Lord)- happy his face is not one in a yard of zombies haha.


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