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The Art of Playing in the Rain

The first week of summer brought a downpour out of the blue. It caught us by surprise as we were leaving the grocery store.

We were soaked by the time we got to the car. It remained pouring as we unloaded the car at home.

The girls asked if they could play in the rain.

Why not? 

It's summer. 

They stayed out there for awhile. 
They screamed. 

A lot. 

They giggled.

A ton. 

I snapped a few pictures from the safe dryness of the overhang by our kitchen door.

I remember playing in the rain as a kid. Running around the block with my brothers. Letting the rain hit my face and soak me down to my blue striped tube socks.

(It was the 80s).
It was a special kind of fun. 
Better than a sprinkler.

It felt wrong to be out in something that others ran to get out of.

But that was the whole point, wasn't it? 
To make fun out of what some could see as a downer. 
It was all I could do to finish putting the groceries away and NOT join them.

As I watched them, I observed this art of playing in the rain…

Keeping You Abreast About What Is New

OK. I had a little fun with that title.

But I couldn't help it.

It is borderline risque, forgive me.
I was invited to accompany a good friend to the doctor's office yesterday. She is having surgery.

Plastic surgery.  But it's not what you think. 
Nothing is getting added.

Or liposucked. 
Something is getting subtracted.

Two somethings. 
No cancer or threat thereof. (Thank you, Lord!)

Just lightening a load that has burdened her for some time.

If you know what I mean. 
Now that we are on the same page.

Enter me. 
Not-so-mature-can-find-humor-in-EVERYTHING me.

I am going to be helping my friend recover after the surgery so she wanted me to be at the appointment so I could ask questions about what that will entail.

Because I am SO NOT a nurse. 
I was prepared for the "this is what you do with the bandages" conversation.

I was even prepared for the "put on this robe so the doctor can examine you" part.

My girlfriend was good enough to prep me for that. 
I wasn…

Spoon RIver

I keep humming "Moon River" when thinking about writing this post about this wreath.

Spoon, moon--that's how my mind works.

Yep, it is made out of plastic spoons. I love using things around the house for crafts. 
One day I will show you all the wreaths I have made from things found in my pantry.
[The teenage girl that lives next door thinks I have a problem. Like a Strange Addiction level of a problem. ]

I saw a few spoon wreaths done a few different ways online, but mostly I did my own thing.
Here is what I used to make this:
•Cheap white plastic spoons (2 boxes of 48 and then a few extras) •Cardboard cut into a circle (to glue spoons to) •Hot glue gun •Yellow and black paint •Ribbon
I started out with the cheapest white plastic spoons I could find at Kroger. They came in a box of 48. I used 2 boxes and then a few other spoons I found loose in my pantry. I had to seek them out because I broke a few spoons. 
You see, you have to remove the handle from the spoon. At first, I…

Ruler of All Rulers

Over the past year I have seen a few large rulers on Pinterest and saved them in my ever-growing file of projects I'd like to do (or have my dad make). The big ruler was one of them.

Since my dad lives in another state 4 hours away, I can't just run to his house with my requests on any sort of regular basis.

But that would be AWESOME.
I showed him a picture of the big ruler I had seen and he immediately measured my baseboards.

That is key. 

If you want the ruler to be a true and accurate growth chart, you have to know your baseboard height so you can start your hash marks considering the measurement starts at the floor.

Are you following me?

Because I think I got lost for a second and I was the one talking (or typing).
My dad used a piece of poplar 3/4 inches thick, just over 7 inches wide and 6 1/2 feet tall. He put a light stain on it. He measured and marked off the hash marks with a pencil. I went over it with a black paint pen. I used Word to print out large numbers in a font…