Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Art of Playing in the Rain

The first week of summer brought a downpour out of the blue. It caught us by surprise as we were leaving the grocery store.

We were soaked by the time we got to the car. It remained pouring as we unloaded the car at home.

The girls asked if they could play in the rain.

Why not? 

It's summer. 

They stayed out there for awhile. 

They screamed. 

A lot. 

They giggled.

A ton. 

I snapped a few pictures from the safe dryness of the overhang by our kitchen door.

I remember playing in the rain as a kid. Running around the block with my brothers. Letting the rain hit my face and soak me down to my blue striped tube socks.

(It was the 80s).

It was a special kind of fun. 

Better than a sprinkler.

It felt wrong to be out in something that others ran to get out of.

But that was the whole point, wasn't it? 

To make fun out of what some could see as a downer. 

It was all I could do to finish putting the groceries away and NOT join them.

As I watched them, I observed this art of playing in the rain. 

At first, there is a hesitancy.

The shock of just flat-out getting soaked. 

See the hesitancy in McDaniel's face?

Then there is a resignation.

An easing into the downpour. 

That is when the dancing starts. 

The splashing in puddles. 

Then there is a need for more.

A raise-your-face-to-the-sky-to-receive-the-rain moment. 

Even a mouth-opening-to-catch-a-raindrop-on-your-tongue moment. 

What a great way to start the summer!

But don't fret over me missing out on all the rain playing fun. 

Yesterday, as I was filling out emergency forms and waivers for an open gym, I got caught in another pop-up rain storm. 

Cats and dogs.

I waited for awhile to see if it would stop as quickly as it started. 

But it didn't.

I could tell McDaniel didn't want me hanging around open gym and I had left Ellie home alone thinking I was just going to be gone for a second. 

So I did it!

I took off running for my car.

Did I mention I didn't park close?

And that I was wearing flip flops?

It didn't take long for my shoes to get water logged and as I sped up, the left one put on the brakes.

I almost fell.

But that's when it happened.

The hesitancy turned into

The resignation.

(I'm wet.)

I eased into the downpour.

I laughed.

(I lost my shoe!)

(I almost fell!)

So I pirouetted the rest of the way to the car!!

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