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Throw Back

Well, we’ve been sucked back into the school year pretty hard.

We have two high schoolers now.

We have a senior now.

Before I get into all that makes me hyperventilate about that, check out my girls’ shoes.

Ellie asked for these for her birthday.

Think Run DMC in the 80s.

McDaniel asked for these for back to school.

Think Forest Gump in the what, 70s? 
Or me in my childhood in the 80s. 

We made her pay for part of them because if you look them up on the Nike website, they are ridiculously priced. But the reaction she gets from people my age is almost worth it. They all remember what color they had (I had light blue and eventually ripped the toe out of one and continued to wear them) and just how long they had to save or wait until they got them for Christmas or a special birthday.

Throw back to no 2-day shipping.
I dislike when my girls say “throw back to…” and mention something that happened last week.

That’s not a throw back. 
That’s barely a backwards toss.
But these shoes?? 

They are a