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31 Days of…STUFF

This will be my third year of linking up with The Nester’s31 Days of writing series.

Two years ago I wrote 31 Days of Storytelling 
and last year 31 Days of Life.

Once again my 31 Days of…STUFF theme

leaves me all the open vagueness to write about any and everything I feel led to write.
I am not one to stay on topic.
Especially now that we have an addition going on to our house.

Two events at church to be planned.
A middle school musical to be rehearsed and performed.

Our family Halloween costumes to finish assembling.

And all while Monte continues to travel for work.
And Nigel refuses to accept that our den is gone  and that our backyard is not something to be feared.

I have some STUFF to write about this October.
Come back starting Wednesday to read

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Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Two years ago when McDaniel was in the 8th grade, she decided to try out for the girls golf team.

There was only one other girl on the 8th grade team so they had to combine with the 7th graders to make up a whopping 7-member golf team.

McDaniel had never even swung a club before.
She took to it right away and ended up playing quite well overall.

Not that she didn’t have her moments.
One match, she came home and announced that she managed to hit a goose with her golf ball.

One of those huge black and white Canadian geese.

A girl from the opposing team gasped in horror.
McDaniel watched the goose half-limp, half-fly away.
Fast forward to this week.

Ellie is currently on the 7th/8th grade girls golf team which is so large it is split into an A and a B team.

McDaniel rode with me one evening to pick Ellie up from a golf match. She recounted the exact location of the goose hit at the very course we were driving away from.

Ellie and her friend and teammate listened intently and laughed from t…


Minutes after I hit the publish button on my last post, (No Machinery. No Hard Hats.) machinery showed up!!
We weren’t expecting digging to happen until Friday or Monday so when the doorbell rang and the guy asked me to move my car out of the driveway, I was WAY okay with it!!
The cutest little Tonka toy looking machine zoomed into the backyard super fast.
Within seconds the patio that Monte and my brother-in-law, Nate, (before he was our brother-in-law) built was sitting in the bottom of a dump truck.
And I was going to save a piece of the stone!
The entire house shook as the Little Machine That Could started picking up and dropping huge pieces of the concrete slab that our den once sat on.

Each drop broke the concrete into smaller, more manageable pieces to scoop into the dump truck.

And sent Nigel into a fit of barking, fear and more barking.

I watched with the fascination of a 4-year-old boy.
I kept thinking of the kid’s show Ellie watched  when she was little, Bob the Builder.

No Machinery. No Hard Hats.

The den came down on Monday.

When the word “demolition” was first mentioned I had “move that bus!”TV reality show like thoughts in my head.

I certainly expected machinery. 
And hard hats.
I watched said machinery take down Carisa’s house.

So I didn’t dream it up.
I realize now that our builder never actually mentioned a word about machinery in the same sentence as “demolition”.

Or hard hats.
 I just naturally filled in the blanks  and fully planned to have a picture taken  with me ON the machinery.
Possibly wearing a hard hat.
But early Monday morning the only thing that rolled into my driveway was a normal size truck and a man on a bicycle.

Yes! He rode his bike to my house.
To tear it down.
I love that and find it incredibly funny  at the same time.
Two men went to work on the den with a hammer and a crow bar.
They took down each wooden plank, board by board.
No sledge hammers.
No crashing.
No smashing.
HGTV has really ruined me on the  expectations of home improvement.
Thanks a lot, Pro…