Thursday, September 11, 2014

All Because Our Fridge Died

Are you familiar with the children’s book, “Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo!”?

Image of book “Because the Little Bug Went Ka-Choo"

The general idea is that this little bug sneezed, 
which blew off a seed 
which hit a worm on top of the head 
which made him mad and he kicked a tree 
and basically set off a series of events that ended up with Farmer Brown, 
a bucket stuck on his head, 
marching in a parade in his long underwear.

Things just escalated quickly.

Well, we have found ourselves in a somewhat similar situation at our house.

You may remember me mentioning that our refrigerator died last winter.

Completely and without question.

Image of cooler in the kitchen
We lived out of a cooler for about a week.

So Monte and I rushed and researched and picked out a new one.

We measured and measured and even had the neighbor 
come over and measure again so we’d know exactly 
what size refrigerator to purchase.

We like to shop at this place that is known for discounts on discontinued models and scratch and dents.

We decided on a fridge that has the freezer on the bottom that pulls out like a drawer and has two doors that open on top.

armoire style refrigerator with freezer drawer

It’s awesome! 

And thanks to the dent in the side, 
it was in our price range.

I wasn’t home when the fridge was delivered. Monte arranged to meet the the delivery guys.

The fridge slid into the cabinet space beautifully. 

Monte didn’t think to open both of the refrigerator doors. He just kinda peeked in one and went back to work.

When I got home I realized that I couldn’t open the right door all the way.

Not even close to all the way. 

Fridge door paritally open
This is me pushing the door all the way
against the wall with my knee for the
sake of this photo.

Something about the size of the hinges on top of the door 
and the proximity of our fridge to the wall .

I couldn’t even put the shelves in the right-hand side of the door because when it is semi-not-really-open the double-wide meat/cheese drawer (which is AWESOME) wouldn’t open.

So we had an incredible new huge fridge that we could only use half of because we couldn’t quite reach things on the right-hand side even if we stretched.

And if we could shove something over there--it froze.

Like my hummus.

And the eggs.

And my grapefruit Perrier.

Which was weird.

But not as weird as cracking open a frozen egg 
and watching that frozen mess plop into the bowl.

So we called the appliance place back about returning the fridge and the thing about buying from a place that sells discontinued and scratch and dents, well, they don’t really want to take the outdated, beat up stuff back.

Especially since Monte had already signed off 
that everything was A-OK at delivery.

Then we brainstormed about moving the fridge in the pantry and then making a pantry in the space that held the fridge.

During what was supposed to be a meeting with a guy to make the switch,

 we must've heard a little bug ka-choo,

because things escalated quickly.

We ended up getting plans drawn for an addition to the back of our house.

Actually, the plans included a 2-story addition 
but we opted not to pull a complete Farmer Brown 
and find ourselves in a parade, 
in our long underwear ,
with a bucket stuck on our heads.

I.E. Not be able to afford to put food in the fridge 
that we hope to soon be able to use fully 
as the manufacturer intended.

But we agreed to the first floor addition.

All because our fridge died.


  1. A new blog yee! Love it. Ker choo!

  2. I know how those "well, let's just move this here..." can snowball. Truthfully I like to push the snowball along but my husband, not so much : ) Happy new addition to come - what a blessing! I can selfishly only hope that you do end up in a parade in long underwear with a bucket on your head during the construction and blog about it. Okay, not really, I hope things go smoothly. But, in the event that something DOES lead to that parade know that I will be here faithfully reading all about it...and I will try not to laugh.

  3. Wow....I may have to try this!! Adding onto the house for an ill-fitting refrigerator! Love this, Karmen!

  4. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Wow! What a story teller you are, Karmen!! This is Ellie's Spanish teacher, Becky Searls. I found you through the @JonesServeLearn twitter feed and couldn't be more entertained. I just clicked through and read the post about Iggy the Piggy! You have a gift for incredibly engaging storytelling!! :) Say hi to Ellie for me!

  5. Anonymous8:36 PM

    What a great post! I just found you through the @JonesServeLearn Twitter Feed, Karmen - this is Ellie's Spanish teacher at JMS, Becky Searls. Great story telling :) Keep it up! Say hi to Ellie for me :)


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