Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Life In Numbers This Week

It has been some kind of week.

I have had few words this week.
(which isn’t normal)

So I will explain my week in numbers.
(which is completely not normal for me)

Number of total times the girls in our house have had lice:  3

No. Words.

Number of grey hairs on my head right now that I want to have colored but I can’t until we get clearance from the lice center:  472

Number of times I scared the dog laughing out loud reading this book:  8

The Antelope in the Living Room by
Melanie Shankle

Number of times I’d recommend it because of its LAUGH OUT LOUD funny and truth about marriage:  2,239

Number of times this bible study has made me say, “Whoa!":  7

James McDonald’s Always True
bible study.

Number of times I’d recommend it because it made me say, “Whoa!":  1,897

It will CHALLENGE the way you look at fear and doubt.

Number of stores we had to look in to find a white dress in February for my daughter’s dinner dance club:  ALL OF THEM
Found this at a consignment shop.

Number of times I’ve asked why she has to wear a white dress in February:  862

Number of times I’ve wanted to scream in frustration at a school situation:  9 years

Seriously, teachers, sitting back and waiting for someone to approach you for help isn’t teaching.

Number of times I’ve wanted to cry due to the kindness of others about said school situation:  7

Number of times I stressed over going to the dentist:  18 hours

I know, it doesn’t make any sense.

Number of toothbrushes the dentist sent me home with for living through the visit:  8

Number of masquerade masks our newly formed party planning company have been hired to make:  100

So excited!

Number of days we have in which to make the masks:  way less than 100

Number of birthdays coming up:  2

I love birthdays!

Number of things set in stone for those birthdays:  0-1/2

Number of poop piles discovered in the driveway after the snow melted:  3,265

Number of poop piles we have picked up since they were discovered:  0

Number of bomb threats at my daughter’s middle school:  1

So scary!

Number of prayers prayed for protection for the middle school:  1 million

Number of days the refrigerator has been making a weird noise:  14

Sounds like it is groaning.

Number of times we’ve looked at it, whacked it and thought we’d fixed it:  3

Number of minutes it took for the repairman to tell me the compressor was shot and I owed him $80:  5


Number of dollars it would take to repair a compressor:  $900

And the repairman said he didn’t want to do it.

Number of bottles of Worcestershire sauce I found in our fridge when I cleaned it out:  3

I make one thing with Worcestershire--why so many bottles?

Number of bottles of sauces in general I found in our fridge:  43

Number of times Monte has said “We are saucy!” since I told him how many bottles of sauce I found: TOO MANY

Number of cheese in pounds that I had to throw away:  32

Number of new refrigerators we’ve looked at online and in person since finding out ours was, indeed, dead:  400

Number of refrigerators that will fit in the space we have:  here’s hoping the one that we bought!

Number of days we have to do without a fridge in our house:  5

Thankfully, we have a fridge in our detached garage.

Number of poop piles we have to dodge in the driveway to get to the fridge in our garage:  0

McDaniel cleaned them up today! For cash, of course.

Our new in-house refrigerator.

Number of blog posts I’ve written this week:  0

Number of Top Ten Lists my blog was mentioned in:  1

Number of thank you’s it would take to express my gratitude to Chris Carter at The Mom Cafe:  ALL OF THEM!!


  1. Aww Karmen, you deserve a top ten for sure!! You have had a challenging week for sure but living it with humor and grace. I hope your new refrigerator fits in your space because I don't think your temporary one will hold all the saucy-ness your family requires : ) Praying this week is a better one for you friend.

  2. Ugh, sounds like you have had one heckuva week! Hope it gets better soon!

  3. WOW! what a week! I am telling you if the damned L word comes back again, save yourself some money, buy a jar of eucerin lotion, slather their pretty little heads with it, and yours and sleep with it in overnight in a shower cap. It will harden killing them off. Then wash wash wash it all out. One week later repeat. After doing that I have never (knock on wood!) had to deal with those nasties again! You don't even have to pick just brush. *hoping hoping hoping you will never need to think about using this advice! * Did you ask if the lice clinic has a money back guarantee? I hope that this week is much calmer and relaxing for you! MUCH!


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