Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Gone Wild

You know, it seems as if everything is just a bit off kilter with all this snow and crazy cold and the fact that we haven't seen the actual asphalt of our road in over a week.

Or the mouth and eyes of our snowman.

Poor thing.
It did have a mouth and eyes at one time.

Warning:  using black jelly beans for
snowman eyes and mouth will cause bleeding.
Like the makeup of Carol Burnett when she
played the aging silent movie star,
Nora Desmond.

Am I right?

Monte left early Tuesday morning on a business trip.

I asked him what I should do if I spotted a coyote in our yard while Nigel was out there doing what he needed to do.

Without hesitation Monte said,

"Grab a pot and bang on it."

Me:  "That's what you would do if you saw a coyote outside right now? 
You'd grab a pot and bang on it?"

Monte:  "No, I'd kick it."

Me:  "You'd kick a coyote?"

Monte:  "Absolutely, to save my dog and protect my family."

Then there was a show of muscle flexing and fist making.

I decided to do some research on The Google because it seemed as if everyone in town had pictures of coyotes in their backyard or one very near them.

This problem was real. 
And it wasn't going away.

Not a big cat.

Google told me that basically Monte was right.
(But a little wrong too).

Coyotes are skittish creatures not so much into sticking around for the loud noises of singing, screaming or pot banging.

As long as you stare right into their eyes while you do it--
to show dominance.

Never, under any circumstance, 
should you take off running 
or kick them.

The night before Monte's business trip McDaniel's basketball team won in overtime.

It was one of those games that, as the sweet grandfather of one of the players put it,

"Got my pacemaker pumping!"

We treated McDaniel and one of her teammates out to a victory dinner afterward--their pick.

They chose KFC.

I will get a salad, I sighed to myself.

The very cheery lady behind the counter informed me that cole slaw was the extent of their salad choices.

So I ordered a chicken breast.

They were out of chicken breasts.

In fact, they were basically out of most of their chicken items.

So I ordered a chicken pot pie.

They were out of it.

I told the cheery lady she needed to help me.

So she suggested the cole slaw.
And a grilled thigh.

And oddly enough, cake.

We wondered as we made our way to our seats, how an establishment known for chicken could become so depleted of it.

We decided that the C of KFC was less about the chicken and more about the cole slaw and cake that night.

I am sure coyotes played in there somewhere.

And most definitely the cold.


  1. How do you kentucky fry chicken and cole slaw? LOL

    1. I am not sure, being from Kentucky and all, but you just do. :)

    2. My mom is from Kentucky and she said, "I don't know, you just do". Lol

  2. My mother in law likes to eat at KFC so we take her there on occasion. I usually end up with green beans and a biscuit. I know they are SO bad for you but they taste SO good! And the green beans sort of balances it all out, right? Hope the coyotes stay far away from your house and your pooch!

  3. I once saw a Coyote walking down the middle of my street, just minding his own business... yeah, we got 'em too. I froze. And then he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me. gulp. After an hour or so, he moved along on his way...

    Another night a baby coyote came upon me, through the bushes just minding its cute own business. When I jumped because I saw him, he jumped too and ran away.

    That was back during the warm months when I was outside more- I haven't seen any for a while now.

    What's with KFC running out of chicken? For God's sake, that is ridiculous and there needs to be a lawsuit or something.

  4. Even in warm South Texas it has been a crazy winter!! So, I really feel for the rest of the country...thanks so much for sharing your blog on the Thursday blog hop!

  5. I haven't eaten at KFC in years and years....i don't even think there is one in my state anymore. Coyotes are making quite a come back and seem to be causing some alarm in residential areas.

  6. The photos are beautiful. I love the one of the buried snowman. It sure sounds messy though.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers


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