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The Addition is Finished!! (Kinda Sorta, for the Most Part)

I’ve been putting off posting about our addition project because I’ve been waiting on all the “punch out” list items to get finished.

Which is taking a wee bit longer than I thought.
But we are LIVING in the new space now and enjoying running water and a bathroom on the first floor.

And having an oven again??
I’ve baked 6 batches of brownies.
Not all at once.
It’s wonderful to have meal options beyond what we can microwave and heat up on the hot plate.

But I can’t find my cook books.
And some other things that we packed away for  the construction and can’t seem to find now.
I’m hoping they are in the basement which is a disaster from our flood and having all the carpet ripped out with all the furniture still in it.

So here is the kitchen reveal:

Our builder has been bringing over perspective clients to see the space and they always ask specific names of colors and products and where we got things.

I’ll try to list everything while it’s still fresh in my mind at the end of this post.

You Might Be Getting Older If…

There are just so many answers to that.

But I’m only going to say these:

You Might Be Getting Older If…
1) You order reading glasses online.

I’m sorry, Sumita, this is throwing you under the bus since you did it first, were so happy with them and then told me about it and so therefore I immediately ordered some too.

The only reason I HAD to order them online is because it is IMPOSSIBLE to find 1.00 reading glasses. IM. POSS. IBLE. When I FINALLY did (at CVS), I was so excited to get the hard plastic tag off the nose piece that I scratched the lens with the blade of the scissors. RIGHT WHERE MY LINE OF VISION IS.

I can’t see out of them!
So in my defense of getting old, SOCIETY AT LARGE forced me to go online with this purchase.

***BREAKING NEWS*** I just got my glasses in the mail as I typed this. 
Dear. Word.
There is a good reason there is a mirror by the glasses section at CVS.  Because YOU NEED TO TRY THEM ON AND SEE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ON YOUR FACE.
Because one pair makes me look like…

Finding Nemo

We watched “Finding Nemo” a few weeks ago.

It had been a long, long time since I’d seen it last.
I have to say, I don’t remember not liking Nemo’s dad, Marlin.

His parenting style in the beginning of the movie
was a tad beyond crazy overprotective.

And this is coming from a mom who STILL
doesn’t like to give her daughters hard candy
The line that popped out to me towards the end of the movie is when Marlin is finally reunited with Nemo and he says to his son,

“I promise I won’t let anything ever happen to you.” 
Dory, the comic relief, responded,

“That’s a funny thing to promise.
Well, you can’t never let anything happen to him. 
Then nothing would ever happen to him."
Think about that.
It’s more of a trap than a promise.

More prison than protection.
To promise a life free of “anything happening,”
isn’t living.
God hasn’t made that promise to us.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart…

16 Years in the Making

So McDaniel got her driver’s license.

She was supposed to get it a few days after she turned 16, in early March, but the company that she took driver’s training from failed to put her certificate for taking the class in the mail.

When Monte called the driver’s training office about the whole issue, they seemed really okay with the fact that they never bothered to stick the certificate in the mail.

And none too willing or anxious to do much about it.
So we had to cancel McDaniel’s driver’s test.

Which we were okay with since it was an hour away in a little town we’d never been to before.
It’s quite tough around here to get a driver’s test time.
So we called around and the next available time was several weeks away, early in the morning, on the north side of town.

The night before, we laid out all the necessary items we’d need.

Except all Monte had for an updated insurance card was a photocopy.
Seemed a little unofficial, but we added it to our stack of papers.
The BMV was just …