Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Karmen Comes to Visit

Day #8

No, I’m not talking about myself in 3rd person.

Or a children’s book. 

That title really does sound like it could 
be a picture book, doesn’t it??

Karmen really did come to visit this weekend.

From Connecticut.

So there were two Karmens in the house.

Woot woot!

Karmen and I had never met in person.

We’d been “talking” via comments on each other’s blog posts and Facebook for a year or so.

She was scrolling through the comments of a blog we both follow when she came across MY comment.

But she thought it was HER comment.

And she didn’t remember commenting.

So she clicked on it and found me.

Karmens with a ‘K’ unite!

I started following her blog, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Calgon”. 

I learned she has 7 kids.

Let’s just pause and let that sink in.


She grew up outside of Seattle.

And loves a good rainy day.

Her husband is in the Navy and works on a submarine.

She is an excellent artist and a soulful writer.

Not too long ago Karmen mentioned a get together and I thought we’d meet somewhere between Ohio and Connecticut 

but she suggested driving the entire way.

By herself.

Over 10 hours.

Did I mention she has 7 kids?

She wanted to meet Monte, McDaniel and Ellie.

But most of all, she wanted to go to Cuco’s!!

Apparently, Connecticut isn’t known for its 
authentic Mexican restaurants.

A few of my friends thought I was crazy for having someone I didn’t know come and stay in my home for an entire weekend.

You know, in case she was a serial killer 
or psycho or something.

But it didn’t feel crazy.

Monte didn’t think it was crazy either.

But it wasn’t his first rodeo with me.

Some 20 years ago, I agreed to move in with Andrea in Atlanta while I was temporarily living in Indiana doing freelance work.

I had contacted my sorority alumni club in Atlanta 
to see if they knew of anyone who needed a roommate.

They did.

And it was Andrea.
Because she had contacted the alumni club 
with the same request.

I was dating Monte then and sent him to meet her while I was still in Indiana.

In case she was a serial killer 
or psycho or something.

That movie “Single White Female” scared me too death.

And I only saw the trailers on TV.

They do not look happy
with one another.

Monte loved Andrea right away.

And told me she was a 6-foot blonde.

She is neither.
Monte and me and Andrea last November.
Okay, you do look a little blonde here, Andrea.

A trip to Ohio was Andrea’s birthday gift!!

Bad selfie to let Monte know that
Andrea was in Ohio.

But he was right about loving her

because I loved her right away too.

She was there when Monte and I got engaged, 


she lived with us for awhile when we were newlyweds, 
which helped us save for our first house, 

and she was there in the hospital 
to hold McDaniel when she was born.

Okay, now I’m going to cry.

All this to say, I am an idiot about A LOT of things,

if you’ve learned NOTHING from this blog, 
you should’ve picked up on that,

but I am smart about people.

I wasn’t wrong about Karmen.

Me and Karmen at Chocolate Cafe.
You know, that almost sounds like I’m saying “Me, Myself and I”.
I love that she still has on her name tag from church!

She was great.

Everyone loved her.

And not just because she brought this amazing basket of goodies.

Caramel corn, candy corn, Jelly Beans, homemade
muffins, Red Vines, OH MY!!

Nigel fell head over heels in love with Karmen.

And wouldn’t leave her alone for a second.

Monte made her laugh until she cried,
which is an important thing for him.

Right, Andrea?

She brought “Guys and Dolls” for us to watch Saturday night.

Which worked out perfectly so Monte could watch back-to-back football games upstairs

while we sang “Luck Be a Lady” downstairs.

Who knew Marlon Brando could sing?

Or be cute??

The girls LOVED being included in on this.

McDaniel is already obsessed with the music and ordered the album from Amazon.

It was so fun at church to introduce Karmen to everyone and let them know there were,

“Two Karmens in the house!

Woot woot!

I may have enjoyed that more than anyone else.

Thank you for driving all that way to visit, Karmen!

And a special thanks to your husband for holding down the fort at home so you could come!!!


  1. I had a great time! When I walked in the door after my twelve hours on the road I found my husband at the stove cooking hamburger that he used to make homemade lasagna for dinner. I didn't know he had it in him. It was good too!

    1. Way to go, Husband! Now that means you can get more weekends away. :)

  2. I LOVE this - the meeting of the two Karmens!

    1. Mindy,

      You are on my list to meet, Mindy!! :)

  3. It was a wonderful blessing to meet Karmen 2. I was afraid of the 2K's being in the same room in case there was a weird sciencey thing that could happen but it was wonderful. So nice to meet you K2!! Carisa

    1. First of all, SO PROUD that you figured out how to comment WITH YOUR NAME AND EVERYTHING!! Second, “weird sciencey thing” made me laugh out loud. Third, Karmen, Carisa calls you K2.

  4. Lol. It was great meeting you as well, Carisa! I was K2 at my college in Kansas. My roommate was Karlissa, so we went by k2 & k1. Funny.

  5. No way!! Another Karmen and Carisa combo?? That is mind blowing! And funny . . .

    1. It’s like there is a parallel universe with people just like us but somewhere else!! Think they laugh as hard at roadkill?? Or tapping of elbows on table tops?? Or watching you do the Rerun dance????

  6. Oh this is just SO awesome!!! I'm just in tears reading this knowing that K1 travelled ALL that way to see you K2!!! or is it K2 traveling to K1?

    Do you know when I first started reading your blog (Karmen- K1- THIS blog- Okay, this is NUTS!!! lol) I was SOOOO CONFUSED I seriously thought Karmen's (K2?) comments were YOU commenting on your own blog!! HA! I thought, "Well isn't that cute she dialogues with herself!!!"

    I seriously was totally baffled. SO funny when I figured out that Karmen (K2? Good LORD help ME) was another blogger who just happened to be KARMEN with another blog!

    Oh man... I'm tired. This is too hard.

    I would have loved LOVED to see you both. Sigh....

    Timing is key I suppose.

  7. Chris,

    You SERIOUSLY thought I left comments on MY OWN BLOG?! Hahahahaha! That both cracks me up and makes me sad. I’m actually sad for the Karmen that comments on her own blog. But I didn’t. I have proof. THERE ARE TWO KARMENS!! So there. I’m not sad. Just crazy. You are hysterical.


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