Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Family Ad Ideas

Day #7

We got some great ideas for our family ad for Ellie for the Little Mermaid Jr. program.

Still not sure why I can’t just say,

“Good Luck, Ellie!” 

for free ,
in my own house,
with my own mouth.

But whatever,
maybe I’m just “old school”.

And not the kind of parent who buys 
their daughter a dozen roses 
for graduating 5th grade.


I have some pent-up issues.

You guys were FANTASTIC at coming up with clever, fun ideas.

I seriously would pay any one of you $10.

Or make you go collect the $10 
I paid last year for 
“Generic Wishes of the Vague Kind”.

No “Your Family” this year!

Here are some of your ideas:

From my sister-in-law, Gretchen, and her husband Nate:

“Your theater career this could make.
Congratulations on your performance as a Water Snake!”

“Eleanor, your performance as a Water Snake 
really takes the cake!”

“At least you’re not a Centaur.
May all your theatrical dreams come true!”

 I said the last one as “CenTAR” 
so it didn’t rhyme in my head.

I’m not sure I even know what a Centaur is.

Is that one of those half-goat, 
half-man things?

From dear sweet Brian at church:

“Whether on land or in the water,
we’re so proud of our Water Snake daughter.
Congratulations EELeanor! 
We love you, Mom and Dad”

Nice touch with the “EELeanor", Brian! 

That’s just impressive.


“They made you a snake and took away your arms,
but for goodness sakes, they can’t take away your charms!”

I love that one SO MUCH, Brian!

You may have a budding career as a Family Ad Writer.

I could pass your name around.

Chris Carter from Mom Cafe offered:



Sumita sent me these ideas:

“Slither on to success!”

“Shed like a pro!”


“Do a SWIMMINGLY good job!”

“Ellie, you will be a SWIMMING success!"

Not to be outdone, Monte came up with:

“If dark sea creatures had a leg,
we’d tell you to break it!
Good Luck, Ellie!”

Now, to decide which one to use.

Decisions, decisions!

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