Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everything’s Nutty

Day #15

Here’s just a little peek into what’s happening on the house front:

This little ADORABLE machine dug a trench for our electrical line to be buried.

It dug up a lot of roots from my beloved Sycamore.


When one of the workers got out a SAW to hack through an especially large root,

I almost went Lorax on the whole situation.


I texted Monte:

“Poor, poor, Sycamore!”

It survived a massive lightning strike and still wears the scar.

I’m hopeful this won’t take it down either.

We were left with a deep trench that ran from our construction hole to the back of our detached garage.

Then it kept raining so the progress stopped for a few days.

McDaniel asked if we could play “World War 1” in the trench.

It would’ve totally worked

and been a lots of fun,

but it was a mud fest out there.

As we decided against playing in the trench,

we noticed a flurry of activity around it.

Squirrels were in a great number 
jumping in, out and even over the trench in a panic.

They couldn’t find their food.

Or couldn’t hide their food.

Or they were looting from someone else’s food.

It was fast and furious.

Even Nigel noticed and put aside his fear of the construction hole to bark territorial warnings to the seemingly caffeinated frenetic activity of the squirrels.

It was nuts.



  1. I'm thinkin' you all need to go dive in that TRENCH with helmets on and take a picture. Come ON!!!! It would be SO COOL!!


  2. I see a Halloween/Christmas card picture somewhere in that trench :-)


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