Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elephant Dreams

Day #25

I had a dream about an elephant 3 times in one week.

I was riding the elephant in a different country 
(this was no zoo or fair ride).


I could feel the roughness of the elephant’s skin.

I could feel the weight of its body with each step and the unevenness of its walk.

The elephant tried unsuccessfully to reach its head around 
and bite me while I was riding it.

I remember thinking,

“There’s no way you can reach back here to bite me!”

I didn’t feel threatened.

Then the elephant starts to bend down.

I thought that meant the ride was over 
and it was my signal to get off.

The people all around me,

 (clearly from a different country, one might have been Gandhi) 

all began shouting.

They were shouting something about the elephant positioning itself to roll over to squash me.

There was a lot of shouting at the same time with instructions of what I should do.

But I couldn’t make any of it out because they were all shouting at the same time and I think the elephant might have been doing the trunk blast noise too.

That’s when I woke up, each time, breathing hard and a bit beside myself.

The first night I was all like,

“That was weird.”

The second time,

“What’s up with that?!"

The third time,

“Clearly this is supposed to mean something.”

But that’s just it.

What does a dream about me riding an elephant that 
may or may not be trying to squash me mean?

I posed this question to my people. There have been some theories:

1)  There is an ACTUAL elephant in the room. 
Meaning, a problem that I need to deal with before said problem deals with me.

2)  There is a burden in my life that is trying to squash me. 
Kinda the same thing as above but more of a burden than problem.

3)  Because I am riding the elephant, there is a 
burden that I’m trying to conquer from my life
A control issue, perhaps.

4)  Intimidation.
The elephant is trying to get me off of him. The townspeople are trying to scare me.

5)  Deception.
Those townspeople were turning me against the elephant unnecessarily when the issue may or may not have even been with the elephant. I wasn’t initially scared of the elephant trying to bite me. It was not being able to hear what the townspeople were saying. THEY scared me.

I even went so far as to try to research what I SHOULD do if riding an elephant and they start to squat down to squash me.

Oh. The. Google. Horror.

Did you know that in 16 century India elephants were used in public executions by royalty?

Squashed heads like melons.

If royalty just wanted to scare someone, they’d have the elephants ROLL OVER THEM and smash them

but not kill them 

so their remaining injuries would be a lasting reminder 
to never even THINK about doing 
whatever they did ever again.

Then sometimes the royals would give the order for the elephants to take their trunks and pull the accused limb from limb.

Oh, Dumbo. 


Not. Cool.

I haven’t had the dream in over a week so I’m going out on a limb

(Ew--poor word choice here in light of above discovery) 

to assume that whatever “elephant” is in my room or not,
 has passed.

The elephant has left the building.

Then I see this on Yahoo a few days ago.

I sent it to my friends asking if I am somehow prophetic.

I can’t help but laugh every time that woman just lays into her scream.

So clearly I’m not terrified of elephants now.

It reminds me of the hippo dream I had a few years ago.

What’s with me and violent animals in my dreams?!

Have you ever been plagued with a reoccurring dream?


  1. I would definitely say the elephant is representative of something large in your life that you currently feel you are riding, like say a certain remodel project you have going on. =)

  2. Karmen M. has a good theory! I am a dreamer (awake and not...) and often have strange dreams that make no sense at all. I told my husband I used to wonder how people came up with weird movie themes but I think they are dreamers with weird dreams too. My reoccurring dream (comes back off an on over the years) is I am driving down a very steep hill and the car leaves the road because it is too steep for the car to stay on the road. Most definitely a sign of when life gets out of control....Sweet dreams!


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