Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Mermaid

Day #28

After rehearsing since August,

4 performances since Thursday,

and LOADS of makeup,

Carisa doing a tailgate makeup job after
school and before rehearsal. 

Carisa did her best to make Ellie’s face
“pop” as a Water Snake in the Dark
Sea Creature chorus.

Then Ellie sent us this picture from
rehearsal. Carisa had a similar reaction.

Backseat makeup job after school since it
was too chilly for the tailgate.
it’s over.

The Little Mermaid Jr. is officially over and out.

I’m not sure why I’m exhausted.

I didn’t step a foot onstage. 

It was fantastic.

It just never ceases to amaze me what 11-14 year-olds are 
not only willing to do but so very capable of doing.

The casting was spot. on.

Opening night, we hosted the bible study girls, their leaders and others from church for pizza before heading over to the show.

Look at these cute ceramic dishes from Pick Your Plum. They came in
the day before, just in time for hosting company.

Robyn scared me, when I finally noticed her staring
at me from our addition in progress.

Julie did not scare me.
Sweet girls. Nice face, McDaniel.

A few weeks before opening night, I showed up to buy all the tickets for the shows that we were going to need BEFORE the doors officially opened.

I was probably the 172nd person in line. 

So all that was left were seats in the balcony.

Which were just fine.

I located our family ad in the program.

We went with Brian’s ad idea. And we got our actual
names mentioned. But I got chastised for not
including art work. So close and yet so far.
Carisa bragged just a teence that no one was sitting in front of her. 

Until the guy with the BABY 
and the tall spiky HAIR plopped down.

We all got a kick out of that.
Julie got a picture. 

The baby was so good the entire show.

Amazingly, TWO people I know had not seen Little Mermaid before.

(Beth and Julie).


Beth brought her neighbor with twin 5-year-old girls.
I think they filled her in somewhat.

Julie was on the edge of her seat.

That’s me in the background, being amused at Julie
NOT knowing that King Triton was going to destroy
all of Ariel’s human treasures.

I had trouble figuring out where Ellie was on stage. Not only did she have on striped make up, but a costume that included a hood.

I thought I had her located. And watched her intently.

After the show, Ellie told me she was 
on the other side of the stage.

That’s Water Snake Ellie with the orange and white
vertical stripes. The one by the sting ray and Jail Fish.
Ellie got to perform smack dab in the center 
of a platform during a few numbers.

She got to use her arms. 

She gave a very dramatic Water Snake performance.

One that my parents didn’t want to miss.

Or Monte’s mom.

The girls call her Gommie.

Ellie with her friend Paula who was a Sting Ray.

Ellie wearing Paula’s glasses. Such a hipster water snake.

Now, on to Halloween!


  1. Looks like a fun time! Reminds me of when I used to do high school shows. Enjoy all your new down time now... ;)

    1. Becky,

      Thanks! Once Halloween is over I am VERY much looking forward to downtime!

  2. awwwww, my girls are in theater too! it's so dang fun - thanks for capturing the magic of the Little Mermaid.

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for reading!

  3. so fun. and Little Mermaid is so good. i could feel the enthusiasm!


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