Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Harvest Fest

Day #14

Our church had its annual Harvest Fest this past weekend.

I’m on the social committee so I helped organize it.

We have a great committee.

Especially when I forgot to call back the Christian radio station 
that wanted to attend and help promote it,

and forgot to bring safety pins 

and clothes pins

and pumpkins,

(I KNOW! What is WRONG with me?!)

The committee members just shrugged it off 
and worked with what we had.

I have been on social committees that weren’t this grace-filled.

And sometimes I forget that this church is different and panic when I blow it.

I’m so thankful this church and this committee is such a great example of the body of Christ.

The event was well-attended and we had youth willing to help man the stations.

And it didn’t rain!

Thank you, Lord!

The Cuco’s food truck came and was quite popular.

When Juan and a helper pulled up, I was so disappointed that I didn’t see Carisa with them.

She told me she was going to help.

A few minutes later, she walked up with her friend, Rebecca.

Carisa dressed up!!

Complete with a fake beauty mark and everything!

She worked so hard that beauty mark started to
smear and bleed just a bit. 

I could not have loved her more at that moment!

Carisa stood outside of the truck and took orders on a pad and Rebecca delivered them once they were done.

Even though Carisa had on the authentic Mexican dress,

her accent was all Kentucky.

Especially when she said,

“Order up!”

And slapped the ticket on the counter.

I told her she was to Cuco’s what Flo was to Mel’s Diner.

Carisa decided that instead of Flo’s signature line, 

“Kiss my grits!”

she’d say, 

“Kiss my rice!”

Which, is delicious by the way.

Although, in that context, 
sounds pretty gross 
and slightly inappropriate.

Especially the way Carisa
drawls out the ‘i’ sound.

Carisa was as popular as the food truck.

Carisa and Beth.

In fact, when McDaniel asked a little girl what she’d like her to paint on her face,

she pointed to Carisa and said she wanted to look like that princess.

McDaniel told Carisa that and I BET YOU MONEY,

Carisa teared up.

I told her that she was a Mexican Princess.

But she needed a name, 

like PiƱata or something.

And when I called her Carnitas later it WAS ON ACCIDENT!
I was distracted by the Food Truck menu 
and Monte had just told me how delicious they were.



Scarecrow Toss

We ended the night with Trunk or Treat where the kids walked from trunk to trunk with us handing out candy.

It’s become a tradition for Carisa and I to sit in her trunk and hand out candy.

I needed help getting out of the trunk last year.

As we were starting to clean up,

I ran into this:

Monte decide to wear a mask that one of the youth brought.

It was both terrifying yet oddly familiar.

It wasn’t just a monkey face.

It was an AGING monkey face.

After a good long look I said,

“You’ve let yourself go, Monte.”


  1. I loved watching Mel's diner. You all have so much fun! I have to say that your church has a very welcoming and loving feel to it!

  2. Hey y'all . . .kiss my rice ;)

  3. Hi Karmen,

    Just to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your blog, I like the pictures too :)

  4. HA!!! Love the last line!! This looks like SUCH a fun festival Karmen!!! Just love to see the pics and Princess Carissa is a DREAM!! :)


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