Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Super Halloween

Day #31

If you are new to Chairs from the Curb,

we dress up as a family every Halloween.

We’ve been doing it for over 10 years.

We have a family meeting every year and vote on ideas for our costumes.

We have to all agree.

And we have to keep it a secret until Halloween.

Little rules and requests have been added through the years.

For example, our characters have to be “classic”. Nothing trendy or only recognizable to certain select people.

After the Peter Pan year, 

Monte announced “NO MORE TIGHTS”.

I think the entire neighborhood appreciated that.

And he also made it official that he would never be a woman. 

I think the entire neighborhood appreciates that as well.

Now that the girls are older it is getting harder and harder for me to get any good roles.

I’ve been a man.

That’s me as Colonel Sanders. The mustache made me sneeze.

I’m animal in the back with the drumsticks. 

A lot.

With the exception of Captain Hook,

I’ve not been “super" happy with my roles.

[I just gave you a clue to our costumes this year.]

I fought HARD last year to be Mary Ann and not Gilligan for our Gilligan’s Island theme.

And this year, I had to PUT MY FOOT DOWN to be what I ultimately was.

McDaniel wanted my role.

But I wouldn’t back down.

Monte as Captain America, me as Wonder Woman, McDaniel as Spider Girl and
Ellie as Bat Girl.
Can you believe we got criticized for mixing
Marvel and DC characters?!

Get a life, people!

Said the middle-aged mom 
dressed as Wonder Woman.
McDaniel has never even SEEN the Wonder Woman show.

Clearly I didn’t go authentic with
my costume.

Me and my sister used to “play" Wonder Woman.

We’d spin around in circles like she’d do to turn into Wonder Woman

and then we’d put on the thick leather bracelets we got from VBS 
(the kind we’d bang our initials into with a mallet and a metal stamp) 
to emulate her golden bracelets. 


We are practically twins.

A jump rope usually served as the golden lasso that made the bad guys (the twin boys that lived next door) tell the truth of their evil schemes in short. choppy. sentences.

I had to recreate that:

“Tell the truth, Captain America!"

He couldn’t handle the truth.
Because the truth is, being a super hero is a thankless job.

Captain America picking up dog poop from our yard.

I’d recently watched a few episodes of Wonder Woman on one of those throwback networks and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

Nothing could've made me happier--unless of course, an episode of Bionic Woman followed it.

Heaven help me, I loved that show! Even had the Barbie doll.

Back to Halloween…

Our neighborhood had Trick Or Treating on the 30th this year since Halloween fell on a Friday. Something about high school football and juvenile delinquents being enticed into more delinquency, I think.

So this was our last night:

The pose by our construction dumpster. We are “cleaning up crime” after all. 

One of the girls managed to clock me in the forehead with that chain.
I forgot who, and my own name, for a brief bit.

Judging by Monte’s expression, I don’t think he can see. 

Spider Girl and Bat Girl.

McDaniel had to hold her head that way because she was blocking Ellie’s costume.
At least she seems happy about it.

Nice photo bomb, Spider Girl. I look like I have a bionic hand here. 
ANOTHER reason McDaniel was not suited for the Wonder Woman role this Halloween was that she did NOT get how funny this was:

Wonder Woman parking her invisible jet on our street.
(My thighs were shaking after several photos.)

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Love your costumes! You guys look awesome! Congrats on completing the 31 Days writing challenge as well! Happy Halloween! xxx

  2. What awesome costumes. I am jealous...of your whole Halloween. We are driving more than an hour (on the worst traffic day of the year, I might add) to watch my oldest play football and second in the band, leaving the girls with the grandparents at home. And only one of them is trick-or-treating. Sad, I know.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing a great family tradition. I'm glad I found you before the challenge was over!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love all these costumes! But I think my favorite is the "restaurant" icons - Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders etc. Great job, so creative!

  4. With the way those two lovely young ladies are growing up, Monte might want to keep that muscle suit around for the when the boys start coming around. And the picture with McDaniel tilting her head, I thought she was just "striking a pose"...very high fashion!!

  5. You can make your own comic book with your Halloween pictures :) Congrats for making to the end of the 31 days :)

  6. What a hoot - looks like you all have a whole lot of fun!!!

  7. LoVE it! I had wonder woman underoos as a five year old and I would wear them while swinging from my canopy bed (which was forbidden) eventually my wonder woman strength got the best of my bed. I loved watching wonder woman and the great american hero as a girl. And the old campy batman show.

  8. You guys are hilarious, You have definitely made my day.

  9. Julia R.8:16 AM

    Way to stand your ground Wonder Woman!!!

  10. Sorry I'm late to comment. Halloween craziness here. But I'm so glad I popped in, fellow 31 Dayer! Your costumes are amazing! LOVE, love, love, the creativity! And I get the Wonder Woman jokes. Think you've inspired me to do a family costume next year. We were all the Angry Birds and Angry Birds Pigs a few years ago. I think you've given me inspiration to go big.

  11. Can't tell if my comment posted. Sorry I'm late--Halloween insanity here. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your family costumes over the years. You've inspired me, fellow 31 Dayer to go for a family theme again. We did it a few years ago with all of us being Angry Birds and Angry Pigs. I think we can go big. Congrats on finishing 31 days.

  12. Congrats on finishing, fellow 31 dayer. LOVE, love, love your costumes and your creativity. You've inspired me to try a family costume again.


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