Thursday, October 09, 2014

That One Time We Kidnapped Julie with A Rubber Chicken Mask

Day #9

It was her 50th birthday.

And it was a surprise.

It made total and complete sense at the time.

Julie was eating dinner with her husband, Doug, at a restaurant when we busted in and shoved a rubber chicken mask over her head.

Doug was in on it.

But how hilarious if he wasn’t!!

Julie made a plea for a stop to the restroom that took long enough for us to wonder if she’d made a “run for it” out the back door or window.

But she came back.

Which was good because I was so amped up with adrenaline 
I would’ve chased her down on foot 
with a rubber chicken head in my hands.

To confuse Julie on our final destination,

 NO ONE on the streets asked what we were
doing when we led a woman out of a restaurant
wearing a rubber chicken mask and shoved her
in a car.

we drove her around a little tour of her past.

Like the middle school she attended.

I love this picture.

A cute shopping area.

A diner that’s been around FOREVER.

Again, no one seemed concerned that there was a
woman with a chicken head on sitting at the counter.

I think Julie was starting to get antsy so we led her to the final destination.

She figured out the nostril holes were under the beak.

Sweet Carol led her to the front door of our friend’s house making
sure to hit every bush and grassy area along the way to throw her off.

She truly was surprised!

Yes, I made the hat.

We did a red and purple theme. 

Of course, there were hats.

Small hats.

Because small hats are funny.

Carol made these funny signs to hold up in pictures.

I love the “WWJD?"

"What would Julie do?"

Of course, Carisa is holding the “Hattitude” sign.

Julie, you look good in those glasses!
I’m dead serious. I still have them.
Just saying…
I may need to borrow that "Hormonal & Dangerous" sign.

We have a lot of hormones in this house.

It could be a nice little warning to Monte.

When we wildly wave the sign 
at his head.

Julie even got a super-sized AARP card.

I am telling you about this party that we did back in 2013
so I can tell you about the party we did for Julie this year.

Stay tuned!

P.S. I haven’t been able to find the rubber chicken mask SINCE this party.


I will accept it back no questions asked.

I have plans for this mask, people.

BIG plans.


  1. This is hilarious! I love it!

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun!

  2. Now, that's what good friends do! Great story!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you know what they say, you’re not good friends until someone kidnaps you with a rubber chicken mask. That is a saying, right?

  3. Best party EVER! It was epic and I am so blessed you all are my friends! #JULIEPALOOZA

  4. OHMYGOSH I WANT TO BE JULIE!!!!!! And... I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND so you can do this TO ME!!!

    I'll send the chicken mask. Sorry. I had to.

    1. Chris,

      Hahahaha! I wish you HAD the chicken mask to return so I could therefore kidnap YOU! In the fun way. This isn’t a threat. :)


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