Friday, October 10, 2014

Barbie Party

Day #10

It’s hard to follow up kidnapping a friend for a surprise birthday party by putting a rubber chicken mask on their head.

So I asked Julie’s daughter for some ideas for a 51st birthday party and she casually mentioned a Barbie theme.

Done and done!

Sumita and I covered part of a wardrobe box that she had with pink plastic table cloths.

We had cut the box out in the front to resemble an actual Barbie box.

We filled a basket with tiaras, boas, headbands, bows and necklaces for a fun little photo booth.

Backing up,

the first thing Julie saw walking up to Sumita’s door was this:

It wasn’t this creepy in person.

Then she saw this once she stepped inside.

We decided that Julie needed her own Barbie doll.

She had just had some work done on some veins in her legs and had been wearing wraps.

So her Barbie had leg wraps.

Julie has cute kicky glasses.

So did her Barbie.

Julie has fun, short hair.

So did her Barbie!
(Despite my hack job.)

It’s like they are twins!

Then I went through some pictures of Julie 
and made paper dolls with them.

I printed the pictures out and glued them 
on to card stock and cut them out.

I love the tall one in the back when she dressed up as 
70s game show host Wanda Winsalot for a game night at church.

She was hilarious in that role!

And of course, I love the Chicken Head Julie paper doll.

Julie said her son planned to take this photo back
to college with him.
Can you imagine that roommate conversation?

We did lots of pink.

Sumita put red food coloring in vanilla yogurt for a fun parfait in fancy glasses.

I found all kinds of Barbie stuff at a thrift store.

I had Chocolate Cafe make gluten-free cupcakes and they put Barbie rings on them!

The Barbie box photo booth was so much fun!

Robyn, Julie’s daughter.
And the genius behind the party theme.

Serious Sumita doll.

Adorable Tenesha.

Sandra is COOL!

A scarf AND a boa to try to cover all the
bandages on my neck from my
Frankincense burn.

Jill fit right into the Barbie box.

Megan is a real life Barbie.


Awww. There’s Sumita’s smile!

Tenesha’s daughter, Bella and Julie.
This makes me smile.

 Laurie as Surprised Barbie.

Sandra and Beth.

Barbie Beth.

Sumita’s daughter, Alyssa.

Momma and daughter love.

Love this!

I slipped some goofy redneck rotten teeth into the prop box.

Julie, Robyn and I decided to have some fun with them:

Making sure our rotten teeth are in correctly.

I laugh every time I see this.
Every. Time.

Cracks. Me. Up. 

I may have compromised more than my neck with
that Frankincense. 
Julie is one of those people that has lots of interests 
and lots of natural talents in pretty much anything she tries.

So it made TOTAL sense to make some parallels to Barbie.

I did some digging and Barbie has had a BAZILLION careers.

She was even a rap star in the 80s.

We ended the little presentation asking Julie if she’d been holding out on us.

You know, if she were the REAL and TRUE Barbie!

It matches up.
Am I right??

It was a fun day filled with the greatest friends 
who are fantastic sports to follow along 
with bossy emails from me to 
“show up and wear pink”.

No questions asked.

Barbie never had it so good.


  1. Seriously- you are AMAZING!!!! Now?


    I really really REALLY want you to throw ME a party like that!!!! Heck- I'll take the chicken mask AND the Barbie theme. I'll even cut my hair off and wear cool glasses!!! I'll do basically anything to be your friend at this point.

    SO freaking FUN!!!

  2. Chris,

    Done and done! You’re in! We should probably meet first. And you’ll need to tell me when your birthday is…Thanks for your fun comments. :)

  3. Karmen - you are the BEST party-giver ever! You did such a creative job and what a fun group of ladies. You need to move closer to me : )


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