Saturday, October 04, 2014

Creeky the Clown

Day #4

I’ve mentioned before that Monte is NOT a fan of clowns.

In fact, his entire family has a fear of them. 

Clownphobia, if you will.

So I was pretty surprised when Monte saw an article on the Yahoo newsfeed about a clown that he actually clicked on.

Not only clicked on it but started to read 
the article OUT LOUD to me.

It was about the passing away of Creeky the Clown.

He was 98.


Creeky was listed in the Gusiness Book of World Records as the oldest working clown.

And that was back when he was only 95.

The article is peppered with quotes from fellow clowns named




Creeky was their mentor and teacher.


“He taught us how to throw a pie right.

Maybe it isn’t all in the wrist?

Lucky offered to apply clown make up one last time for Creeky’s funeral but Creeky opted to be cremated.

Just pause and let all of that sink in.

Can you imagine paying your respects by the casket to someone 
wearing a rubber nose and white painted-on smile??  

Cue the Stephen King creepy movie music.

Can you imagine Lucky’s disappointment showing up to the funeral home with a suitcase of clown makeup 
only to be pointed to an urn instead of a casket?

Was he wearing sad clown makeup?

Lucky went on to say that many clowns would be in attendance at Creeky’s funeral. 

But not in clown makeup or comically large shoes.


“I’ll wear a red silk jacket,” Lucky said.

“It will be kind of hard to smile."

Wasn’t this all an episode of Mary Tyler Moore??

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